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Subclass 1/06: Details of thermometers not specially adapted for particular types of thermometer (circuits for reducing thermal inertia G01K 7/42) Special applications of indicating or recording means, e.g. for remote indications Scales Arrangements for facilitating reading, e.g. illumination, magnifying glass

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10564044 Thermometer including color changing illumination portionApr 01, 16Feb 18, 20D-M-S HOLDINGS, INC.
10267481 Illuminating vehicle assemblies with illuminated badgesJun 16, 17Apr 23, 19Ford Global Technologies LLC
9933295 Monitoring systems and methodsSep 06, 16Apr 03, 18TDG Aerospace Inc.
9915774 Indicator and electronic device including the sameJan 19, 16Mar 13, 18SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
9873374 Flat dial with 3D appearanceNov 26, 14Jan 23, 18CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS, INC.
9523960 Illumination device, display apparatus, and timepieceJul 03, 14Dec 20, 16CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.
8847897 Touch-operating input device and electronic device equipped with the sameFeb 22, 10Sep 30, 14TOYO DENSO KABUSHIKI KAISHA
8827473 Vehicle having at least one instrument in a driver information system and a method for avoiding reflections of an instrument in a windshield of a vehicleDec 22, 11Sep 09, 14GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC
8814375 Display device with translucent background panelNov 09, 12Aug 26, 14YAZAKI CORPORATION
8727549 Radar effect system and method for instrument cluster gaugeAug 17, 12May 20, 14VISTEON GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
8517548 Edge lighting dial structureMar 31, 10Aug 27, 13DENSO CORPORATION, DENSO INTERNATIONAL AMERICA, INC.,
8033716 Refrigeration temperature monitoring system and associated temperature displayAug 23, 06Oct 11, 11Not available
7883267 Food thermometer sleeveMar 14, 08Feb 08, 11HELEN OF TROY LIMITED
7756667 Apparatus for three-dimensional measurements of physical characteristics within a data centerApr 28, 08Jul 13, 10GLOBALFOUNDRIES INC.
7739073 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional measurements of physical characteristics within a data centerApr 28, 08Jun 15, 10GLOBALFOUNDRIES INC.
7476021 Roofing membrane temperature indicatorMay 12, 05Jan 13, 09JOHNS MANVILLE
7366632 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional measurementsAug 02, 05Apr 29, 08GLOBALFOUNDRIES INC.
6935777 Electronic thermometer with a directionally adjustable LCD displayDec 10, 03Aug 30, 05ACTHERM INC

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