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Subclass 1/005: Photosensitive materials (photosensitive materials for multicolour processes G03C 7/00; for diffusion transfer processes G03C 8/00; photosensitive glass C03C 4/04) Silver halide emulsions; Preparation thereof; Physical treatment thereof; Incorporation of additives therein (catalytic amounts of silver halide in dry silver systems G03C 1/498)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10363265 Methods and compositions for treating hepatitis C virusDec 28, 12Jul 30, 19Idenix Pharmaceuticals, LLC; Universita Degli Studi Di Cagliari;
9975408 Photochromic vehicle windowMay 15, 17May 22, 18THUNDER POWER NEW ENERGY VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED
9405196 Method for preparing electrically-conductive silver imagesJun 25, 15Aug 02, 16EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
9247640 Silver halide conductive element precursor and devicesJan 29, 14Jan 26, 16EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
8481252 Silver halide photographic photosensitive material and production method thereofNov 27, 09Jul 09, 13FUJIFILM CORPORATION
8133665 Silver halide photosensitive material and process of producing black and white image using the sameSep 18, 09Mar 13, 12FUJIFILM CORPORATION
8043800 Photosensitive material for forming conductive film, and conductive materialSep 17, 10Oct 25, 11FUJIFILM CORPORATION
8034542 Conductive film and manufacturing method thereof, and transparent electromagnetic shielding filmMar 28, 07Oct 11, 11FUJIFILM CORPORATION
8012676 Process for preparing conductive materialJun 22, 07Sep 06, 11MITSUBISHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED
7998665 Color intermediate motion picture filmMar 08, 10Aug 16, 11EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
7943291 Conductive film-forming photosensitive material and conductive materialJun 24, 09May 17, 11FUJIFILM CORPORATION
7829270 Photosensitive material, method of manufacturing conductive metal film, conductive metal film and light-transmitting film shielding electromagnetic wave for plasma display panelMay 26, 06Nov 09, 10FUJIFILM CORPORATION
7682780 Industrial X-ray photosensitive materialJun 18, 09Mar 23, 10FUJIFILM CORPORATION
7622247 Protective overcoats for thermally developable materialsJan 14, 08Nov 24, 09CARESTREAM HEALTH, INC.
7598025 Hologram silver halide photographic material, hologram and method for producing the sameJan 17, 07Oct 06, 09DAI NIPPON PRINTING CO., LTD., KONICA MINOLTA OPTO, INC.,
7598026 Image forming method using a silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material, and silver halide color photographic light-sensitive materialMar 08, 07Oct 06, 09FUJIFILM CORPORATION
7579139 Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive materialDec 26, 06Aug 25, 09FUJIFILM CORPORATION
7504200 Photothermographic materialJan 24, 08Mar 17, 09KONICA MINOLTA MEDICAL & GRAPHIC, INC.
7476495 Silver halide photosensitive material and image forming method using the sameSep 27, 07Jan 13, 09FUJIFILM CORPORATION
7371512 Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic lightsensitive material using the sameFeb 08, 01May 13, 08FUJIFILM CORPORATION

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