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Subclass 1/02: Automatic systems in which deviations of an electric quantity from one or more predetermined values are detected at the output of the system and fed back to a device within the system to restore the detected quantity to its predetermined value or values, i.e. retroactive systems Regulating electric characteristics of arcs (arrangements for feeding or moving of electrodes for spot or seam welding or cutting B23K 9/12; arrangements for feeding electrodes for electric heating or electric lighting H05B 7/109, H05B 31/18; automatic control of power for heating by discharge H05B 7/148)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10601353 Systems and methods to control auxiliary power output voltage using a welding output voltageFeb 14, 17Mar 24, 20Illinois Tool Works Inc.
10579072 Method for controlling vehicleSep 29, 17Mar 03, 20LG Electronics Inc.
10509407 Apparatus and method for a vehicle platformMay 31, 17Dec 17, 19Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
10454374 Power supplySep 20, 18Oct 22, 19501 TDK Corporation
9946290 Current reference circuit and an electronic device including the sameAug 15, 16Apr 17, 18Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
9927822 System and method for arc detection and intervention in solar energy systemsMay 21, 15Mar 27, 18TIGO ENERGY, INC.
9452726 Method for recording vehicle-relevant data, in particular for detecting and for evaluating minor damage, sensor arrangement for installation in a vehicle and vehicle having the sensor arrangement for carrying out the methodNov 29, 13Sep 27, 16HELLA KGAA HUECK & CO.
9407185 Power converter for engine generatorDec 26, 14Aug 02, 16ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC.
9063556 Bandgap reference circuit with offset voltage removalFeb 11, 13Jun 23, 15OMNIVISION TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
8922034 Power converter for engine generatorJun 04, 13Dec 30, 14ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC.
7956824 Light emitting element driver deviceJul 26, 07Jun 07, 11STMICROELECTRONICS S.R.L.
7724071 Voltage boosting device and method for semiconductor deviceJul 25, 06May 25, 10MONTEREY RESEARCH, LLC
7719249 Soft-start circuit and method thereforJan 28, 05May 18, 10SEMICONDUCTOR COMPONENTS INDUSTRIES, LLC
7123085 Rail-to-rail charge pump with replica circuitrySep 14, 04Oct 17, 06TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED
6486677 Conductivity testing method for a sub-harness and a sub-harness manufacturing apparatusApr 05, 01Nov 26, 02YAZAKI CORPORATION

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0210,476 System and Method for Arc Detection and Intervention in Solar Energy SystemsMar 23, 18Jul 26, 18Not available

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