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Subclass 1/08: Automatic systems in which deviations of an electric quantity from one or more predetermined values are detected at the output of the system and fed back to a device within the system to restore the detected quantity to its predetermined value or values, i.e. retroactive systems Regulating electric characteristics of arcs (arrangements for feeding or moving of electrodes for spot or seam welding or cutting B23K 9/12; arrangements for feeding electrodes for electric heating or electric lighting H05B 7/109, H05B 31/18; automatic control of power for heating by discharge H05B 7/148) by means of semiconductor devices

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9946290 Current reference circuit and an electronic device including the sameAug 15, 16Apr 17, 18Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
9751645 Apparatus and method for controlling a satelliteDec 01, 15Sep 05, 17KOREA AEROSPACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE
9535438 Fast response pulse width modulation control for switching regulatorJul 10, 14Jan 03, 17SANDISK TECHNOLOGIES LLC
8847539 Servomotor drive device that drives servomotor connected to rotating shaftOct 25, 12Sep 30, 14FANUC CORPORATION
8749177 Regulation of wavelength shift and perceived color of solid state lighting with temperature variationAug 31, 12Jun 10, 14CHEMTRON RESEARCH LLC
8602645 Temperature detection systemJun 12, 08Dec 10, 13MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION
8421428 Current trigger circuit and switching power converter using the sameMar 15, 10Apr 16, 13GREEN SOLUTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
8395368 Adaptive voltage position DC-DC regulators and the method thereofSep 22, 09Mar 12, 13MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEMS, INC.
8362754 Discharging control device for electric power conversion systemMar 09, 11Jan 29, 13DENSO CORPORATION
8115461 Power supply circuit and battery deviceOct 04, 07Feb 14, 12TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED
8040118 Low-dropout voltage regulator with level limiter limiting level of output voltage when level of load current changes and method of operating the sameDec 10, 09Oct 18, 11TESSERA ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
7719249 Soft-start circuit and method thereforJan 28, 05May 18, 10SEMICONDUCTOR COMPONENTS INDUSTRIES, LLC
5798933 High precision relative digital voltage measurementJun 20, 96Aug 25, 98SGS-Thomson Microelectronics S.A.
5587916 Low voltage sensing circuits for battery powered devices having a micro-processorAug 15, 94Dec 24, 96BELTRONICS USA INC.

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