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Subclass 1/00: Machines for printing and issuing tickets (printing mechanisms per se  B41 ; output mechanisms of digital computers G06C 11/00 )

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10576764 Display deviceDec 03, 18Mar 03, 20Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
10559165 Combination bill entry/ticket dispensing structure for a gaming machineSep 28, 18Feb 11, 20Bally Gaming, Inc.
10521972 Information terminalSep 03, 18Dec 31, 19Universal Entertainment Corporation
10373395 Stick-on ticket system and methodJul 02, 18Aug 06, 19Universal City Studios LLC
10353572 Ticketing machine on a wallDec 08, 17Jul 16, 19Cubic Corporation
10242507 Ticket dispenserNov 02, 15Mar 26, 19FASTRAK RETAIL (UK) LIMITED
10096171 Information terminalFeb 08, 16Oct 09, 18Universal Entertainment Corporation
10016986 Integrated sublimation printing apparatusApr 07, 16Jul 10, 18The Hillman Group, Inc.
9978212 Peel-away security covering for a ticketOct 09, 12May 22, 18MAX International Converters, Inc.
9886612 System and method for identifying a genuine printed documentMay 16, 17Feb 06, 18Morton Greene
9652651 System and method for identifying a genuine printed documentJan 12, 16May 16, 17Morton Greene
9498982 Printing device and method with cutter actuated by displacement of mediaJun 17, 14Nov 22, 16SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION
9349028 Label printer, control method for a label printer, and non-transitory storage mediumJun 08, 15May 24, 16SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION
9349221 Printer apparatus and control method thereforJun 05, 15May 24, 16FUJITSU FRONTECH LIMITED
9333788 Integrated sublimation transfer printing apparatusJul 25, 13May 10, 16THE HILLMAN GROUP, INC.
9211740 Printer apparatus and printer apparatus control methodJan 28, 14Dec 15, 15FUJITSU COMPONENT LIMITED
9117101 Medium processing apparatus and control method for medium processing apparatusMay 21, 12Aug 25, 15NIDEC SANKYO CORPORATION
9098979 Scanning-printing integrated machine for lottery ticket printing and cashingNov 16, 10Aug 04, 15SHANDONG NEW BEIYANG INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
9087415 System and method for control of a parking facilityJul 18, 12Jul 21, 15Not available
9082028 Media processing device, control method of a media processing device, and storage mediumApr 16, 13Jul 14, 15SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION

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