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Subclass 1/06: Coin inlet arrangements; Coins specially adapted to operate coin-freed mechanisms Coins specially adapted to operate coin-freed mechanisms

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10486054 RFID system for facilitating selections at a table game apparatusMar 08, 18Nov 26, 19Walker Digital Table Systems, LLC
10482780 Positive reinforcement based aid with visual, auditory and tactile rewardsApr 20, 18Nov 19, 19Not available
9990792 Methods and apparatus for receiving and sorting disksFeb 24, 17Jun 05, 18Shuffle Master GmbH & Co KG
9919201 RFID system for facilitating selections at a table game apparatusSep 28, 15Mar 20, 18WALKER DIGITAL TABLE SYSTEMS, LLC
9697687 Gaming system with casino chip trackingAug 18, 15Jul 04, 17UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION
9613482 System and method for authorizing transactions using a metallic coin having universally machine readable stored value indiciaDec 01, 16Apr 04, 17COMDATA INC.
9589407 Apparatus for receiving and sorting disksMar 10, 16Mar 07, 17SHUFFLE MASTER GMBH & CO KG
9520025 Gaming systemFeb 16, 10Dec 13, 16UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION
9514594 Metallic stored value token and method of manufactureAug 11, 15Dec 06, 16COMDATA INC.
9514597 Gaming chip and system for use therewithJul 29, 09Dec 06, 16GLOBAL PAYMENTS GAMING SERVICES, INC., GLOBAL PAYMENT GAMING SERVICES, INC.,
9514610 Resonant gaming chip identification system and methodFeb 07, 14Dec 06, 16BALLY GAMING, INC.
9414654 Coin structureOct 19, 12Aug 16, 16MINT OF FINLAND LTD.
9378605 Gaming machine and gaming system using chipsSep 09, 08Jun 28, 16UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION
9330516 Apparatus for receiving and sorting disksMar 21, 14May 03, 16SHUFFLE MASTER GMBH & CO KG
9241548 Coin and method for producing a coinJan 14, 13Jan 26, 16AUERHAMMER METALLWERK GMBH
9142092 Gaming system with casino chip trackingMar 03, 10Sep 22, 15UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION
8961296 Re-characterization of bets at table gamesOct 21, 08Feb 24, 15WALKER DIGITAL TABLE SYSTEMS, LLC, WALKER DIGITAL TABLE SYSTEMS,
7715610 Method and apparatus for processing signals in testing currency itemsJun 24, 03May 11, 10CRANE PAYMENT INNOVATIONS, INC.
7448485 Dimensionally stabilized molded tokenJun 01, 06Nov 11, 08Rutland, Inc.
6581747 Token with an electronic chip and methods for manufacturing the sameApr 07, 00Jun 24, 03ETABLISSEMENTS BOURGOGNE ET GRASSET, GAMING PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL,

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0012,437 MULTIPART COIN BLANK AND COINSep 22, 17Jan 11, 18Not available

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