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Subclass 15/00: Arrangements characterised by the use of multiplexing for the transmission of a plurality of signals over a common path

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10608943 Dynamic buffer management in multi-client token flow control routersOct 27, 17Mar 31, 20Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
10499263 Wireless in-band backhaul communicationSep 26, 17Dec 03, 19T-Mobile USA Inc.
10459033 Method for protecting a nonmobile work machine driven by an electric motor, and nonmobile work machine driven by an electric motorMay 09, 17Oct 29, 19Kriwan Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
10454758 Edge node cluster network redundancy and fast convergence using an underlay anycast VTEP IPFeb 27, 17Oct 22, 19Nicira, Inc.
10432546 System, method, and recording medium for queue management in a forwarderAug 29, 17Oct 01, 19IBM Corporation
10415969 Detection device, physical quantity measuring device, detection system, electronic device, and vehicleMar 19, 18Sep 17, 19Seiko Epson Corporation
10412603 Hypervisor for access points and edge nodesFeb 28, 17Sep 10, 19AT&T Mobility II LLC
10405340 Security message transmission method and apparatusSep 29, 16Sep 03, 19HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
10383133 Multiple-use wireless networkApr 05, 18Aug 13, 19ALL PURPOSE NETWORKS, INC.
10361809 Transmission process in a wireless device and wireless networkFeb 01, 17Jul 23, 19Ofinno, LLC
10355916 Survivable networks that use opportunistic devices to offload servicesSep 27, 16Jul 16, 19McAfee, LLC
10341238 Transmission control method, apparatus and systemSep 28, 16Jul 02, 19Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
10341921 Active hot standby redundancy for broadband wireless networkOct 30, 17Jul 02, 19ALL PURPOSE NETWORKS, INC.
10320871 Providing handover capability to distributed sensor applications across wireless networksDec 01, 17Jun 11, 19ALL PURPOSE NETWORKS, INC.
10283922 Connection unit for connecting external device to measurement device and measurement device optional system using the connection unitOct 04, 17May 07, 19Mitutoyo Corporation
10251082 Measurement configuring method and device for dual connectivity, measuring method and device for dual connectivity, scheduling method and device for dual connectivity, storage medium, base station and terminalMay 04, 18Apr 02, 19Spreadtrum Communications (Shanghai) CO., Ltd.
10250690 Multiple sensor data processor interface and relayMar 02, 17Apr 02, 19Camgian Microsystems Corp.
10237044 Control and data multiplexing in communication systemsMar 06, 18Mar 19, 19Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
10187309 Congestion mitigation in networks using flow-based hashingAug 20, 12Jan 22, 19Amazon Technologies Inc.
10182010 Flow collision avoidanceAug 20, 12Jan 15, 19Amazon Technologies Inc.

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