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Subclass 15/02: Arrangements characterised by the use of multiplexing for the transmission of a plurality of signals over a common path simultaneously, i.e. using frequency division

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10514689 Remote control methods and systemsDec 21, 17Dec 24, 19SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.
10490060 Sensor circuit and sensing methodFeb 22, 18Nov 26, 19Infineon Technologies AG
10459011 Method for multiplexing wheatstone bridge measurementsDec 31, 13Oct 29, 19Halliburton Energy Services Inc.
10235868 Embedded shared logical instrumentSep 29, 14Mar 19, 19National Instruments Corporation
10049565 Wireless electrical apparatus controller and method of useAug 12, 16Aug 14, 18Wireless Telematics LLC
9980161 Proximity based wireless security systemDec 30, 15May 22, 18ENERNOC, INC.
9864370 Remote control methods and systemsJun 22, 16Jan 09, 18SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD
9848346 Apparatus and method for end-to-end link quality indicationJul 02, 15Dec 19, 17ENERNOC, INC.
9838891 Apparatus and method for assessment of mesh network topologyDec 30, 15Dec 05, 17ENERNOC, INC.
9801083 Mesh network topology assessment mechanismJul 02, 15Oct 24, 17ENERNOC, INC.
9619999 Sensor event assessor input/output controllerNov 19, 15Apr 11, 17BROADBAND DISCOVERY SYSTEMS, INC.
9593964 Method of sensor wire count reductionAug 26, 16Mar 14, 17GOODRICH CORPORATION
9464918 Sensor wire count reduction systemMay 30, 14Oct 11, 16GOODRICH CORPORATION
9397782 Remote control methods and systemsNov 14, 14Jul 19, 16SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD
9237470 Apparatus and method for receiving and transporting real time AMR meter dataJun 03, 15Jan 12, 16ENERNOC, INC.
9237471 Real time energy data transport mechanismJun 03, 15Jan 12, 16ENERNOC, INC.
9237472 Low-cost real time energy data transport apparatus and methodJun 03, 15Jan 12, 16ENERNOC, INC.
9225783 Sensor event assessor input/output controllerSep 17, 14Dec 29, 15BROADBAND DISCOVERY SYSTEMS, INC.
9082294 Apparatus and method for receiving and transporting real time energy dataSep 14, 12Jul 14, 15ENERNOC, INC.
8923339 Systems and methods of data transmission and managementMar 06, 12Dec 30, 14PCN Technology, Inc.

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