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Subclass 5/00: Details of stores covered by group G11C 11/00

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10593413 Memory circuit with leakage compensationAug 24, 18Mar 17, 20Agilent Technologies Texas Instruments Incorporated
10593373 Multiple location load control systemNov 02, 18Mar 17, 20Lutron Technology Company LLC
10565048 Logic buffer for hitless single event upset handlingDec 01, 17Feb 18, 20Arista Networks, Inc.
10559329 Storage system and method for die-based data retention recyclingSep 26, 18Feb 11, 20Western Digital Technologies, Inc.
10559340 Semiconductor deviceJun 07, 19Feb 11, 20SK hynix Inc.
RE47831 Semiconductor memoryJan 29, 19Jan 28, 20Renesas Electronics Corporation
10541023 Data line control circuit using write-assist data line coupling and associated data line control methodJun 26, 18Jan 21, 20MediaTek Inc.
10521617 Non-volatile memory device with secure readAug 14, 17Dec 31, 19Western Digital Technologies, Inc.
10524370 Electrostatic charge build-up prevention for data storage devicesJun 28, 17Dec 31, 19Seagate Technology, LLC
10497411 Semiconductor deviceJun 19, 19Dec 03, 19SK hynix Inc.
10474595 Memory module having an open-drain output pin for parity error in a first mode and for training sequences in a second modeDec 28, 17Nov 12, 19Netlist Inc.
RE47679 Semiconductor memoryDec 13, 16Oct 29, 19Renesas Electronics Corporation
10453525 Preservation circuit and methods to maintain values representing data in one or more layers of memoryNov 27, 17Oct 22, 19Unity Semiconductor Corporation
10438929 Semiconductor deviceSep 17, 14Oct 08, 19TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION
10431292 Method and apparatus for controlling access to a common bus by multiple componentsMay 08, 17Oct 01, 19Micron Technology Inc.
10430296 Circuit and method for storing information in non-volatile memory during a loss of power eventSep 29, 17Oct 01, 19ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS, LLC
10372359 Processor for realizing at least two categories of functionsMay 10, 17Aug 06, 19ChengDu HaiCun IP Technology LLC;
RE47542 Memory system in which extended function can easily be setMar 20, 17Jul 30, 19TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION
10366732 Semiconductor deviceJul 18, 17Jul 30, 19SK hynix Inc.
10362693 Electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus manufacturing method, and dieFeb 21, 18Jul 23, 19TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0058,327 NAND CELL ENCODING TO IMPROVE DATA INTEGRITYJul 22, 19Feb 20, 20Not available

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