H01R 4/00






Subclass 4/00: Electrically-conductive connections between two or more conductive members in direct contact, i.e. touching one another; Means for effecting or maintaining such contact; Electrically-conductive connections having two or more spaced connecting locations for conductors and using contact members penetrating insulation (details of contacts of coupling devices H01R 13/00 ; coupling devices H01R 12/7, H01R 24/00-H01R 33/00 ; flexible or turnable line connectors H01R 35/00 non-rotary current collectors H01R 41/00 )

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10608349 Electric wire with wire terminal, wire terminal and wire terminal crimperJan 16, 19Mar 31, 20Yazaki Corporation
10600532 Service loop for top drive equipment having an embedded lay lineDec 24, 18Mar 24, 20NEXANS
10587087 Method for connecting an electrical device to a connection cable and electrical device with a connection cableFeb 13, 18Mar 10, 20Türk & Hillinger GmbH
10580552 Electric power transmission cablesNov 08, 16Mar 03, 20NV Bekaert SA
10566707 Electrical crimp contactFeb 21, 17Feb 18, 20ERNI Production GmbH & Co. KG
10559914 Connector assemblyJan 23, 15Feb 11, 20FCI USA LLC
10520780 Electroactive device provided with a trilayer bus barOct 30, 17Dec 31, 19Southwall Technologies Inc.
10516236 Connector equipped with a locking part and method of implementing the connectorJan 20, 16Dec 24, 19ZODIAC INTERCONNECT UK LTD
10431910 Electrical connection device in an aircraftSep 14, 18Oct 01, 19SAFRAN ELECTRICAL & POWER
10431930 Welding lead cable connector holding apparatus for locking and protecting welding leadsMay 03, 19Oct 01, 19Alpha/Omega Energy Solutions, LLC
10424849 Crimp connection system for electrical cables comprising a fastening sleeveMay 18, 16Sep 24, 19APTIV TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED
10411369 Multi-layer cable spliceMar 15, 17Sep 10, 19Hubbell Incorporated
10381818 Covering processing tool and covering processing methodJul 08, 15Aug 13, 193M Innovative Properties Company
10373736 Conductive pathSep 22, 17Aug 06, 19SUMITOMO WIRING SYSTEMS, LTD.
10367316 Connecting rodMar 14, 18Jul 30, 19Not available
10361551 End seal for heating cableJul 20, 17Jul 23, 19Heat-Line Corporation
10355376 Crimp connection for mesh shielding material used in steering wheel with capacitive sensingJul 19, 18Jul 16, 19Gentherm, Inc.
10348011 Composite pane with electrical contact-making meansJun 28, 13Jul 09, 19SAINT - GOBAIN GLASS FRANCE
10311999 Cable having multipurpose space areaNov 09, 16Jun 04, 19Thomas Engineering Co., LTD.;
10290960 Terminal detachable deviceMay 14, 18May 14, 19Hirose Electric Co. Ltd.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2020/0059,016 Quick Connection SystemJul 30, 19Feb 20, 20Not available

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