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Subclass 1/00: Details of the magnetic circuit (magnetic circuits or magnets in general, magnetic circuits for transformers for power supply H01F; magnetic circuits for relays H01H 50/16)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10582604 Device and method for the heating and confinement of plasmaAug 25, 17Mar 03, 20Not available
10581302 Stator for an electric motorOct 19, 17Mar 03, 20Nidec Corporation
10566854 Rotating electric machineJul 29, 16Feb 18, 20Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
10541579 Wind power generator and stator iron core therof, and stator iron core moduleNov 17, 15Jan 21, 20XINJIANG GOLDWIND SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
10541635 Motor system and control methodAug 29, 18Jan 21, 20Quanten Technologies, Inc.
10530201 Stator of rotating electric machineNov 06, 15Jan 07, 20DENSO Corporation
10523095 Method for production of electrical machine stator comprising preforming step, and corresponding wound statorApr 09, 15Dec 31, 19Valeo Equipments Electriques Moteur
10516312 Stator coil, method for manufacturing stator, and rotating electrical machineAug 26, 16Dec 24, 19Aisin AW Co. LTD; HAYASHIKOGYOSYO CO., LTD.;
10511201 Stacking-type stator using multilayer printed circuit board, and single-phase motor and cooling fan using sameMar 27, 17Dec 17, 19Amotech Co., Ltd.
10505487 Motor/generator system and fault tolerant control methodAug 29, 18Dec 10, 19Quanten Technologies, Inc.
10506748 Corona shielding system, in particular outer corona shielding system for an electrical machineFeb 25, 15Dec 10, 19Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
10476364 Magnet assembly mounting arrangement for an electromagnetic motorJun 15, 16Nov 12, 19ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd.
10461589 Magnetic-plate laminated body and motorFeb 07, 17Oct 29, 19Tohoku Magnet Institute Co., Ltd.; PANASONIC CORPORATION;
10461588 Slot coil and stator for electric rotary machineDec 08, 17Oct 29, 19Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
10446982 Electrical connector and locking member of electrical connectorJan 18, 18Oct 15, 19Dai-Ichi Seiko Co., Ltd.
10432051 DC motor and method of manufacturing the sameJul 14, 16Oct 01, 19DENSO Corporation
10411573 Permanent-magnet synchronous machine and motor vehicle systemMay 26, 17Sep 10, 19Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.
10396641 Resin injection method into laminated core, and rotating electric machine using the resin injection methodJan 14, 14Aug 27, 19MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION
10374479 MotorFeb 03, 17Aug 06, 19Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
10348174 Electric motorJun 19, 15Jul 09, 19Daikin Industries Ltd.; Nagoya Institute of Technology;

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2002/0057,029 Coil holderNov 14, 01May 16, 02TEKNOWARE OY

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