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Subclass 1/10: Details of the magnetic circuit (magnetic circuits or magnets in general, magnetic circuits for transformers for power supply H01F; magnetic circuits for relays H01H 50/16) characterised by the shape, form, or construction Salient poles Commutating poles

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10601288 Additive amortisseur circuitNov 17, 17Mar 24, 20HAMILTON SUNDSTRAND CORPORATION
9608551 Reducing peak fault output current in a DC power generation systemAug 17, 15Mar 28, 17ABB SCHWEIZ AG
8922089 Direct-current motor armature, direct-current motor, and method for winding coil around armature of direct-current motorOct 29, 07Dec 30, 14MITSUBA CORPORATION
8901797 Brushless motor system for a vehicle fuel pumpJan 29, 08Dec 02, 14FORD GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
8680740 Stator with intermediate teethAug 27, 11Mar 25, 14ABB RESEARCH LTD.
7560835 Electrical induction machine and primary partNov 09, 05Jul 14, 09BOSCH REXROTH AG
7274126 Motor armature having distributed windings for reducing arcingSep 08, 04Sep 25, 07BLACK & DECKER INC.
6982512 Interference-suppressed universal motorFeb 08, 05Jan 03, 06HILTI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
6710505 Direct drive inside-out brushless roller motorFeb 06, 01Mar 23, 04MOOG INC.
6339646 Slotted mode code usage in a cellular communications systemNov 03, 98Jan 15, 02TELEFONAKTIEBOLAGET L M ERICSSON (PUBL)
6313560 Thermally protected electric machineDec 20, 99Nov 06, 01PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA CORP.
6008559 Motor using a rotor including an interior permanent magnetJul 22, 98Dec 28, 99MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
5654601 Switched reluctance machineJun 07, 95Aug 05, 97NIDEC SR DRIVES LTD.
5442250 Electric power train for vehiclesApr 20, 93Aug 15, 95STRIDSBERG INNOVATION AB, STRIDSBERG LICENSING AB, STRIDEBERG LICENCING AB,
5418416 Brushless three-phase DC motorNov 18, 93May 23, 95PAPST LICENSING GMBH

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