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Subclass 1/00: Arrangements for starting electric motors or dynamo-electric converters (starting of synchronous motors with electronic commutators H02P 6/2, H02P 6/22; starting dynamo-electric motors rotating step by step H02P 8/04; vector control H02P 21/00)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10549648 Vehicle propulsion system with multi-channel DC bus and method of manufacturing sameAug 29, 19Feb 04, 20General Electric Company
10536069 Virtual resistance gate driverJun 15, 18Jan 14, 20Ford Global Technologies, LLC
10505474 Motor starting state recognition method and device, and motorOct 31, 18Dec 10, 19Guangdong Welling Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
10505477 Load drive current control method and systemOct 31, 17Dec 10, 19LG Chem, Ltd.
10505434 Motor and application apparatus utilizing the sameNov 14, 17Dec 10, 19JOHNSON ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL AG
10483841 Motor vehicleApr 17, 18Nov 19, 19Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
10473722 Method and apparatuses for authenticating measurement data for a batteryMay 20, 14Nov 12, 19Robert Bosch GmbH; Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.;
10473886 Lens driving apparatus, and camera module and optical device comprising sameSep 08, 16Nov 12, 19LG INNOTEK CO., LTD.
10461545 Battery systemJun 15, 15Oct 29, 19Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
10442296 Vehicle propulsion system with multi-channel DC bus and method of manufacturing sameOct 31, 17Oct 15, 19General Electric Company
10439544 Drive system, transporter, and control method performed by drive systemOct 05, 16Oct 08, 19Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
10439529 Motor component, application device and sensor integrated circuitAug 08, 16Oct 08, 19JOHNSON ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL AG
10439530 Motor controllerOct 31, 18Oct 08, 19DENSO Corporation
10432126 Control device for an asynchronous machine and method for operating an asynchronous machineJan 13, 16Oct 01, 19Robert Bosch GmbH
10404183 Power unit and power conversion apparatus having the sameNov 22, 17Sep 03, 19Hyundai Motor Company; Kia Motors Corporation;
10389289 Generating motor control reference signal with control voltage budgetFeb 04, 15Aug 20, 19Steering Solutions IP Holding Corporation
10389292 DC bus regulation using rectifier and inverterMar 29, 18Aug 20, 19Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.
10389352 Gate loop differential mode choke for parallel power device switching current balanceFeb 25, 18Aug 20, 19Ford Global Technologies, LLC
10348236 Electric motor power connection prognosis systems and methodsOct 25, 16Jul 09, 19GM Global Technology Operations LLC
10340772 Electronically commutated fan motors and systemsFeb 19, 16Jul 02, 19Orange Motor Company L.L.C.

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