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Subclass 3/00: Apparatus or processes specially adapted for the manufacture of impedance networks, resonating circuits, resonators

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10608609 LC filter and method of manufacturing LC filterJul 09, 18Mar 31, 20Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
10574202 Electronic package including cavity formed by removal of sacrificial material from within a capMar 29, 17Feb 25, 20SKYWORKS FILTER SOLUTIONS JAPAN CO., LTD.
10523173 Quartz crystal resonator and method for manufacturing the same, and quartz crystal resonator unit and method for manufacturing the sameAug 10, 17Dec 31, 19Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
10510828 Capacitor with high aspect radio silicon coresDec 12, 18Dec 17, 19Nano Henry, Inc.
10494306 High-K LTCC dielectric compositions and devicesAug 02, 16Dec 03, 19FERRO CORPORATION
10498307 Integrated device comprising a capacitor and inductor structure comprising a shared interconnect for a capacitor and an inductorSep 14, 17Dec 03, 19QUALCOMM Incorporated
10476462 Filter component tuning using size adjustmentNov 15, 16Nov 12, 19Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy
10477660 Complex electronic component and method for manufacturing the sameMar 23, 17Nov 12, 19Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.
10461695 Planar differential inductor with fixed differential and common mode inductanceSep 13, 17Oct 29, 19QUALCOMM Incorporated
10388603 Thin film element and method for manufacturing the sameMar 30, 18Aug 20, 19Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
10389329 Multilayer electronic component and multilayer LC filterDec 07, 17Aug 20, 19Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.
10389241 Power supply converter and method for manufacturing the sameJan 19, 17Aug 20, 19DELTA ELECTRONICS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.
10366192 Network synthesis design of microwave acoustic wave filtersNov 13, 18Jul 30, 19Resonant Inc.
10358343 Metamaterial closed ring resonatorApr 10, 18Jul 23, 19Regents of the University of Minnesota
10345359 Arc detector and a method for detecting arcsMar 01, 17Jul 09, 19Applied Materials Israel LTD
10339247 Simulating effects of temperature on acoustic microwave filtersSep 05, 17Jul 02, 19Resonant Inc.
10320358 Magnetically coupled contactless damperFeb 14, 17Jun 11, 19HAMILTON SUNDSTRAND CORPORATION
10298194 Generating squeezed states of the microwave field in a superconducting left-handed transmission line resonatorJun 14, 17May 21, 19IBM Corporation
10270415 Receiving coupler for contactless data linkJan 15, 16Apr 23, 19SCHLEIFRING GMBH
10263591 Device and method for reduction of electrical noise from pulsed signal devicesMar 04, 14Apr 16, 19OnFILTER, Inc.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0260,344 Inductively Coupled Filter and Wireless Fidelity Wifi ModuleJun 06, 16Aug 22, 19Not available
2018/0366,301 Articulated Direct-Mount Inductor and Associated Systems and MethodsJun 14, 17Dec 20, 18Not available

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