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Subclass 20/02: Arrangements for broadcast or for distribution combined with broadcast Arrangements for relaying broadcast information

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10439683 Broadcast relaying via single-channel transmissionJun 13, 18Oct 08, 19Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
10404351 Layered division multiplexing-based broadcast relay apparatus and methodMar 02, 17Sep 03, 19Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
10250344 Broadcast of audio data based on input broadcast signals stored during a detected anomaly period by lightning energyDec 26, 14Apr 02, 19Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
10165312 Over-the-air television gap filler using television-white-space channels via wireless local area networksJan 12, 16Dec 25, 18DISH Technologies L.L.C.
10055955 Networked communications and early warning systemFeb 28, 13Aug 21, 18Not available
9949146 Control over data services that are delivered over a wireless access pointApr 07, 16Apr 17, 18Sprint Communications Company L.P.
9924328 Geotargeted broadcast message aggregator/gateway system and methodSep 09, 15Mar 20, 18ENVISIONIT LLC
9888370 Relay device, method and computer programJan 30, 14Feb 06, 18SONY CORPORATION, SONY EUROPE LIMITED,
9762338 Emergency responder systemsFeb 24, 14Sep 12, 17ECHOSTAR TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION
9633374 System and methods for rebroadcasting of radio ads over other mediumsDec 28, 12Apr 25, 17INTEL CORPORATION
9628955 Repeater chain location determination based on a repeater chain identifier in a wireless communication networkAug 10, 16Apr 18, 17Sprint Communications Company L.P.
9549223 Server, client apparatus, data distribution method, and data distribution systemApr 08, 13Jan 17, 17SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT INC.
9407384 System for the integration of signal-transmission/-reception technologies for highway useMar 25, 13Aug 02, 16RADIOESTRADA COMUNICAÇÕES LTDA.
9286294 Video and digital multimedia aggregator content suggestion engineAug 03, 01Mar 15, 16COMCAST IP HOLDINGS I, LLC
9237382 Content relaying schemeOct 30, 13Jan 12, 16KT CORPORATION
9136954 Broadcast alerting message aggregator/gateway system and methodMay 06, 13Sep 15, 15ENVISIONIT LLC
9130648 Method of and radio network for transmitting layered data to multiple receiving stationsNov 02, 09Sep 08, 15NOKIA SOLUTIONS AND NETWORKS OY
9094089 Gimbaled mount system for satellitesApr 18, 13Jul 28, 15TECHNOLOGY MINING COMPANY, LLC
9037074 Method and system for monitoring and controlling a local collection facility from a remote facility through an IP networkOct 30, 07May 19, 15THE DIRECTV GROUP, INC.
9008571 Method and system for a single frequency network for broadcasting to mobile devicesAug 22, 12Apr 14, 15MAXLINEAR, INC.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0207,691 RECEIVING DEVICE, TRANSMITTING DEVICE, AND DATA PROCESSING METHODSep 20, 17Jul 04, 19Sony Corporation of Japan
2016/0327,650 Broadcast Transmission of Information Indicative of a Pseudorange CorrectionMay 06, 15Nov 10, 16HERE GLOBAL B.V.

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