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Subclass 1/04: Generating plasma; Handling plasma (application of plasma technique in thermonuclear fusion reactors G21B 1/00) Arrangements for confining plasma by electric or magnetic fields; Arrangements for heating plasma (electron optics H01J) using magnetic fields substantially generated by the discharge in the plasma

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10436183 Plasma accelerating apparatus and plasma accelerating methodJan 06, 17Oct 08, 19MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD.; NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CORPORATION NAGOYA UNIVERSITY;
10342110 Plasma power generator (z-box and z-tower)Sep 14, 18Jul 02, 19Serendipity Technologies LLC.
10228622 Systems and methods for operating a light systemJun 26, 17Mar 12, 19The Boeing Company
10201070 Systems and methods for generating electron spiral toroidsFeb 20, 14Feb 05, 19Electron Power Systems Inc.
10104753 Optical waveguide forming method and apparatusDec 26, 17Oct 16, 18OSAKA UNIVERSITY
9967963 System and method for controlling plasma magnetic fieldAug 18, 15May 08, 18General Fusion Inc.
9949355 Plasma flow interaction simulatorNov 03, 16Apr 17, 18TORUS TECH LLC
9909552 Plasma generating device, and internal combustion engineJul 13, 12Mar 06, 18IMAGINEERING, INC.
9497844 Plasma flow interaction simulatorJan 08, 15Nov 15, 16TORUS TECH LLC
9192038 Target supply apparatus, control system, control apparatus and control circuit thereofOct 07, 13Nov 17, 15CKD CORPORATION, GIGAPHOTON INC.,
8933595 Plasma flow interaction simulatorMar 05, 12Jan 13, 15TORUS TECH LLC
8773020 Apparatus for forming a magnetic field and methods of use thereofApr 29, 11Jul 08, 14APPLIED MATERIALS, INC.
8581220 Target supply apparatus, control system, control apparatus and control circuit thereofDec 23, 09Nov 12, 13CKD CORPORATION, GIGAPHOTON INC., CDK Corporation,
7476884 Device and method for generating extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiationFeb 14, 06Jan 13, 09USHIO DENKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA
7157123 Plasma-enhanced film depositionDec 18, 03Jan 02, 07CARDINAL CG COMPANY
6770896 Method for generating extreme ultraviolet radiation based on a radiation-emitting plasmaFeb 03, 03Aug 03, 04USHIO DENKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA
6744060 Pulse power system for extreme ultraviolet and x-ray sourcesApr 10, 02Jun 01, 04ASML NETHERLANDS B.V.
6566668 Plasma focus light source with tandem ellipsoidal mirror unitsJun 06, 01May 20, 03ASML NETHERLANDS B.V.

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