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Inventors who had their idea stolen by the US Government - Class suit


First note

Sep 15, 2012

The goal of this group is to gather inventors who had their ideas stolen by the US Government, and bring up a class action lawsuit against the Government. Namely, the Government is using a simple trick to get away with this multibillion massive theft: they passed an unconstitutional law which enables them to steel any idea from a Ph.D. thesis as long as they both file for protection and grant the patent to themselves within 1 year since the inventor's oral defense. Basically, they count on inventor's poverty during the initial 5 years of general protection granted under the Constitution to everyone for all patentable ideas. To join, the USPTO may or may not subsequently admit to steeling your idea in writing.

*** UPDATE: Since patentbuddy has shut down the groups, we moved to Google Groups instead: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/classactionlawsuit