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Thomson Reuters New IP Offering - Innovation + Westlaw Patents

Jul 30, 2009

The Legal business of Thomson Reuters announced a new product offering combining Westlaw Patents and Thomson Innovation.

This offering pairs the authoritative legal content of Westlaw with the patent research capabilities of Thomson Innovation, enabling legal professionals to work more efficiently across the patent workflow – from patent prosecution to litigation.


HarvestIP Deep Web Prior Art Searching (Presentation Included)

Jun 29, 2009

I have added a file under "Reference Info" that inclused a presentation from a recent HarvestIP webinar on Deep Web prior art searching.  Very interesting presentation, and something to seriously consider for an important search (reexam, litigation...)

Some backgound on HarvestIP:

HarvestIP, LLC is a leader in harvesting high quality content from the conventional Surface Web (Google) and the more authoritative, but largely inaccessible Deep Web sources (“unknown and hidden” data.)

HarvestIP was formed to serve the legal community building on the Deep Web Federated Harvesting technologies developed over the past 10 years by BrightPlanet Corporation.

File added: Patent Analytics Tools Overview Presentation

Jun 25, 2009

I received a powerpoint from a presentation put on by SLW, entitled "Meat and Potatoes or Cotton Candy? A Survey of Patent Analytics Tools and Services"

The presentation provides a nice look into some of the major players in the field, including Thomson Innovation, Innography, ClaimBot, and PatentCafe, with highlights and screenshots.

The .ppt file is attached under the "Reference Info" tab.


Prior Art and "Deep Web" Searching

Apr 23, 2009

Interesting article from the NY Times regarding just how much is overlooked through Google searches.  Googles engine indexes over a trillion web pages, and although that number may seem staggering, it does not represent the entirety of the "web".  The writer of this article sumbitted that these one trillion or more google indexed sites represent "only a fraction of the entire Web".  What does that meand for PA searching?  There is potentially a lot more out there that can be touched.  Certainly some patent databases and journal databases may not necessarily be accessible through Google, especially the pay sites, but those probably still do not fully close the gap.

Some companies like Kosmix.com and HarvestIP.com offer deep web searching solutions.  May be worth the look for the right case.


Semantic Web Based Patent Processing

Apr 10, 2009

Interesting article in Science Daily regarding patent offices such as the EPO looking into semantic web based searching to improve speed and effectiveness.  Sounds like an interesting proposal - patent offices the world over are in need of some measures to fight off the ever increasing backlogs of applications (other than tightening the belt of the law).  Is there a tool that can help examiners find better results?  Maybe.  But it seems that you will always have to rely on having a knowledgable examiner that can accurately apply the discovered art to the claims at issue.