About Us

History of Patent Buddy
Patent Buddy was created in 2007 by a group of senior patent lawyers from one of the world's leading patent law firms. Sharing a common frustration with the state of patent analytics, they set out to build an easy to operate and useful patent analytics tool that would be freely accessible to the patent community and general public. The site now receives over 250,000 monthly visitors.

Mission (it's all about being useful)
Patent Buddy's mission is to provide insightful information to and about the patent community. Our focus is on patents, inventors, patent owners, and attorneys/agents. Our goal is to create insightful information that is easy to access. We strive to provide your entire patent analytic needs in our software.

Data Integrity
We have all been frustrated by data that has not been normalized. We have developed algorithms and processes that do a better job of normalizing data than existing systems, regardless of their cost. We think you will be impressed with the accuracy of our data if you compare it to our competitors. We all know that data normalization is an imperfect art. In many of our competitors systems there will be multiple entries for the same inventor; e.g. William Smith, W R Smith, William R Smith, William R. Smith. This is not a problem with Patent Buddy as we have cross referenced this information so Mr. Smith appears as one inventor in our system.

Insightful and Innovative
We are driven by a simple question: what type of information and manner of presentation would be the most useful? For example, when measuring the strength of a patent by its forward citations, we not only wanted to know the number of forward citations, but how that patent compares against other patents that were filed in the same period and in the same technology class. As a result, you are able to see which patents are strongest in your portfolio, areas of weakness, and holes in your patent portfolio. We are constantly innovating and adding features to our free and Professional packages to give the most up to date and beneficial information available to our users. The result, a product that we can stand behind, and know that our customers will receive the best and most valuable information available.

Free and Professional Options
Patent Buddy has something for every user. Whether you are an inventor looking for a similar patent, or a Fortune 100 Company with thousands of patents in your portfolios, we have a product to meet your needs. Our core analytics will always be free.

Patent Buddy averages 250,000 visitors a month with an audience highly focused into the IP space. If that's the kind of market you'd like to capture, consider advertising on Patent Buddy. Learn about Advertising
Please use Patent Buddy and enjoy it.

The Patent Buddy Team