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US Patent /App. No. Patent Title Patent Owner Issue/Publication Date
US Patent /App. No. Patent Title Patent Owner Issue/Publication Date
RE42345 Packet radio network with charging information collected by nodes and forwarded to billing centerNOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMay 10, 2011
7,197,551 Method and system for implementing supervision in a telecommunication systemNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMar 27, 2007
6,985,736 Increasing the capacity of a cellular radio networkNOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYJan 10, 2006
6,904,109 Interference cancellation method, and receiverNOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYJun 7, 2005
6,873,827 Method and apparatus for providing feeder cable insertion loss detection in a transmission system without interfering with normal operationNOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS OY;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMar 29, 2005
6,868,061 System and method for pre-filtering low priority packets at network nodes in a network service class utilizing a priority-based quality of serviceNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMar 15, 2005
6,850,761 Method for determining the position of a mobile stationNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYFeb 1, 2005
6,834,193 Method for processing a traffic channel requestNOKIA NETWORKS OY;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYDec 21, 2004
6,799,021 Method and arrangement for forming an addressNOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS OY;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYSep 28, 2004
6,765,862 Telecommunication switch, and switching telecommunication signalsNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYJul 20, 2004
6,763,010 Multiplexing method and transceiverNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYJul 13, 2004
6,751,247 Method of reducing interference, and radio systemNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYJun 15, 2004
6,748,035 Method for determining connection quality, and a receiverNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYJun 8, 2004
6,745,029 Method and arrangement for handling network specific subscriber data during roaming by use of SIM card information storageNOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS OY;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYJun 1, 2004
6,741,849 Handling of forwarded callsNOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS OY;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMay 25, 2004
6,738,365 Method of improving connection quality and system capacity, and a cellular radio systemNOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS OY;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMay 18, 2004
6,738,369 Method and arrangement for packet-switched data transmissionNOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMay 18, 2004
6,738,906 Marking of electronic documents in order to expose unauthorized publicationNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMay 18, 2004
6,725,038 Method and apparatus for speeding up AAL2 connection setup during handover in advanced cellular networksNOKIA CORPORATION;NOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYApr 20, 2004
6,714,601 Method in digital quadrature modulator and demodulator, and digital quadrature modulator and demodulatorNOKIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS OYMar 30, 2004

Showing 1 to 20 of 563 results