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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47395 Optimizing rail track performanceJun 25, 15May 21, 19L.B. Foster Rail Technologies Canada, Ltd.
9989426 Integrated rail efficiency and safety support systemMar 11, 15Jun 05, 18Concaten Inc.
9981672 Railway vehicleJun 10, 14May 29, 18W & D MCCULLOCH LTD.
9981673 System and method for monitoring railcar performanceMay 18, 16May 29, 18AMSTED RAIL COMPANY, INC.
9981676 Derail alarm systemsJan 15, 16May 29, 18Not available
9981674 System and method for aggregation display and analysis of rail vehicle event informationNov 08, 16May 29, 18Smartdrive Systems Inc.
9981675 Inspection system and methodAug 18, 16May 29, 18General Electric Company
9981671 Railway inspection systemMar 01, 12May 29, 18Nordco Inc.
9969409 Automated in motion railway seismic wheel failure detection systemApr 13, 15May 15, 18Not available
9963157 Method of measuring condition of track using vehicle for commercial operation and vehicle for commercial operation for measuring condition of trackSep 04, 14May 08, 18Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
9956971 Rail vehicle braking system and braking method for a rail vehicle comprising such a systemDec 16, 14May 01, 18FAIVELEY TRANSPORT AMIENS
9950715 Air-coupled ultrasonic inspection of railsApr 02, 13Apr 24, 18The Regents of the University of California
9950716 Automated track inspection systemJun 30, 15Apr 24, 18Not available
9932054 Double point derail switchFeb 19, 16Apr 03, 18Progress Rail Services Corporation
9925991 Apparatus and method for lifting and moving an axle of a rail vehicleDec 31, 14Mar 27, 18General Electric Company
9919723 Aerial camera system and method for determining size parameters of vehicle systemsOct 15, 15Mar 20, 18GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
9914465 Top of rail resilient barNov 08, 13Mar 13, 18L.B. FOSTER RAIL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9908545 Method and system for operating a vehicle system to reduce wheel and track wearSep 15, 15Mar 06, 18GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
9908543 System and method for inspecting a route during movement of a vehicle system over the routeApr 12, 17Mar 06, 18GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
9908546 Rail vehicle event triggering system and methodDec 18, 15Mar 06, 18SMARTDRIVE SYSTEMS, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 470 results