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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
D878703 PalletDec 06, 17Mar 17, 20PLÁSTICOS TÉCNICOS MEXICANOS, S.A. DE C.V.
D873524 Collapsible pallet consolidatorJul 21, 17Jan 21, 20The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Army
D869812 PalletNov 03, 17Dec 10, 19Inteplast Group Corporation
D869815 PalletFeb 28, 18Dec 10, 19KENNETH R MORAS PTY LTD
D869814 PalletFeb 28, 18Dec 10, 19KENNETH R MORAS PTY LTD
D869813 PalletFeb 01, 18Dec 10, 19LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
D866912 Pallet for forkliftsAug 23, 18Nov 12, 19Not available
D864514 Retention device for restraining an article during transport of the articleDec 05, 17Oct 22, 19CDCE Engineered Solutions, Inc.
D858027 Storage and transport containerMay 10, 17Aug 27, 19Not available
D855926 Maintainable pallet cornerJun 07, 17Aug 06, 19Not available
D854275 Combined patient ceiling-hoist trolley and motor unitOct 13, 16Jul 16, 19Joerns Healthcare Limited
D847451 Platform for stacking a pallet on top of a bulk bin or open ended boxOct 19, 17Apr 30, 19STAY-RITE SOLUTIONS LLC
D846829 Platform for stacking an object on top of a bulk bin or open ended boxDec 13, 16Apr 23, 19STAY-RITE SOLUTIONS LLC
D846226 Stand for palletsJul 13, 17Apr 16, 19AP STACKING B.V.
D843677 Load securement systemAug 23, 17Mar 19, 19Not available
D838429 Foldably constructed palletDec 16, 16Jan 15, 19GREEN OX PALLET TECHNOLOGY, LLC
D829818 Colored metallic credit cardSep 06, 16Oct 02, 18Discover Financial Services
D829404 Appliance shipping runnerDec 06, 16Sep 25, 18Custom-Pak Inc.
D828973 Foldably constructed palletJan 06, 17Sep 18, 18GREEN OX PALLET TECHNOLOGY, LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 186 results