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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9999607 Lipid comprising polyunsaturated fatty acidsAug 15, 17Jun 19, 18Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; GRAINS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION; Nuseed Pty Ltd;
9993010 Carotenoid-containing composition and method for producing sameMay 15, 14Jun 12, 18FUJIFILM Corporation
9994828 Production of omega 3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in oilseed crops by a thraustochytrid PUFA synthaseNov 26, 14Jun 12, 18Dow AgroSciences LLC; DSM IP Assets B.V.;
9980489 Stabilized bio-available soluble silicate solutionMar 24, 11May 29, 18Taminco BVBA
9968578 Eicosapentaenoic acid-producing microorganisms, fatty acid compositions, and methods of making and uses thereofApr 07, 17May 15, 18DSM IP Assets B.V.
9969940 Use of renewable oil in hydrotreatment processNov 04, 15May 15, 18Neste Oyj
9968041 Soybean ROD1 gene sequences and uses thereofJul 04, 13May 15, 18Bayer CropScience NV
9961931 Snack food seasoningApr 24, 15May 08, 18FRITO-LAY TRADING COMPANY, GMBH
9961916 Processes for preparation of oil compositionsMar 14, 16May 08, 18Monsanto Technology LLC
9949501 EDTA—free mayonnaise and method for the production thereofMay 30, 13Apr 24, 18Conopco Inc d/b/a UNILEVER
9950003 Pectin based nanoparticlesDec 11, 14Apr 24, 18Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.
9943084 Fat compositions and related methods, including shortening particles and shortening compositions without added non-interestified hardstock fat, and related productsMay 09, 12Apr 17, 18General Mills, Inc.
9924733 Eicosapentaenoic acid-producing microorganisms, fatty acid compositions, and methods of making and uses thereofMar 22, 10Mar 27, 18DSM IP Assets B.V.
9924730 Edible fat powdersMay 31, 11Mar 27, 18Unilever BCS US, Inc.
9918952 Powderous formulationNov 28, 13Mar 20, 18DSM IP ASSETS B.V.
9920278 Method for producing high quality animal oil with low cholesterol levelsOct 01, 14Mar 20, 18JIANGNAN UNIVERSITY
9909155 Structuring fats and methods of producing structuring fatsDec 05, 16Mar 06, 18CORBION BIOTECH, INC.
9895310 Probiotic confection and lipid compositionsApr 04, 16Feb 20, 18GANEDEN BIOTECH, INC.
9888704 Oil or fat composition and chocolateMar 27, 13Feb 13, 18FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC.
9889084 Compositions of cosmetic, personal care and skin care products derived from lipid feedstocks and methods to produce the sameJan 12, 15Feb 13, 18VALICOR, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 1713 results