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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9896410 Process for the recovery of betaine from molassesNov 15, 12Feb 20, 18TIENSE SUIKERRAFFINADERIJ N.V.
9486806 System and method for processing crop materials into livestock feed and the product thereofOct 17, 11Nov 08, 16CLAAS SAULGAU GMBH, SHREDLAGE, L.L.C.,
9463464 Silage feed for animalsSep 09, 13Oct 11, 16CLAAS SAULGAU GMBH, SHREDLAGE, L.L.C.,
9155325 Method of accelerated water vapor removal from high sugar concentratesDec 17, 10Oct 13, 15COASTAL MOLASSES SYSTEMS LLC
8906434 Compositions and methods for reducing stool volume and stool odorJul 09, 07Dec 09, 14Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
8034372 Dietary supplement for athletic petsMar 05, 03Oct 11, 11NESTEC LTD.
7045165 Process for manufacturing animal feed supplementsJul 26, 02May 16, 06ANIMAL FEED SUPPLEMENT, INC., FEED SUPPLEMENT, INC.,
6726941 Amorphous solid cast feed product made by solidifying liquid agricultural byproductsAug 19, 02Apr 27, 04ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND COMPANY
6143333 Method of preparing a packaged fish attractant blockNov 13, 98Nov 07, 00PURINA MILLS, LLC
6126986 Process for formulating a liquid animal feed ingredient containing sugar and neutralized carboxylic acidFeb 23, 99Oct 03, 00WESTWAY FEED PRODUCTS, INC.
6123967 Increased fiber digestion livestock supplementJun 25, 99Sep 26, 00Cattleman's Choice Loomix, LLC
6074685 Cattle feedOct 08, 99Jun 13, 00Not available
5985338 Plant protein for nutritional products and method of making sameJun 30, 98Nov 16, 99Abbott Laboratories
5858424 Use of an organic acids containing fraction for preserving forageFeb 18, 97Jan 12, 99CULTOR OY, DANISCO FINLAND OY, FINNFEEDS FINLAND OY, Sareko Agro Oy, SUOMEN REHU OY,
5804234 Plant protein for nutritional products and method of making sameSep 13, 96Sep 08, 98ABBOTT LABORATORIES
5626891 Compound for poultry feeds and a method for feeding poultry with the sameMar 31, 94May 06, 97FUKUOKA PREFECTURAL GOVERNMENT, MORINAGA MILK INDUSTRY CO., LTD., NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, JAPAN AS REPRESENTED BY DIRECTOR GENERAL OF KYUSYU NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION OF MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHERIES, Japan as represented by Director General of Kyusyu National Agricultural Experiment Station of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Kumamoto Prefectural Government, Taiyo Yushi K.K.,
5622739 Feed block with improved mineral deliveryJun 06, 95Apr 22, 97K.E.S. Associates, POSTIVE FEED, LTD,
5482729 Continuous process for manufacturing animal feed blocksJun 16, 94Jan 09, 96ANIMAL FEED SUPPLEMENT, INC.
5264227 Feed supplements for ruminant animalsMar 10, 92Nov 23, 93Cooperative Federee de Quebec
5198252 Method for the manufacture of fodder and/or soil improving agents from waste materialAug 23, 90Mar 30, 93Gutmans; Henri-Davis, Henri-Davis Gutmans,

Showing 1 to 20 of 41 results