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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9895672 High strength seamless alginate capsulesSep 02, 10Feb 20, 18FMC CORPORATION, DuPont Nutrition USA, Inc.,
9661875 Methods and compositions for producing hydrogel capsules coated for low permeability and physical integrityOct 02, 15May 30, 17Philip Morris USA Inc.
9622506 Encapsulated soft food compositions and methods of makingMar 03, 15Apr 18, 17INCREDIBLE FOODS, INC.
9504275 Dry storage stabilizing composition for biological materialsAug 12, 11Nov 29, 16ADVANCED BIONUTRITION CORP.
9445997 Microcapsules comprising a fat-soluble active substanceDec 18, 08Sep 20, 16BASF SE
9320297 Spherification/reverse spherification automated and integrated system and methodMar 14, 13Apr 26, 16LEMNISCATE INNOVATIONS LLC
9277759 Method for manufacturing capsule series, and related capsule seriesDec 01, 09Mar 08, 16CAPSUM
9238009 Stable fat-soluble active principle particlesDec 09, 10Jan 19, 16ADISSEO FRANCE S.A.S.
9205395 EncapsulationOct 14, 10Dec 08, 15ENCAPSYS, LLC
9167848 Method and compositions for producing hydrogel capsules coated for low permeability and physical integrityJan 24, 14Oct 27, 15Philip Morris USA Inc.
9167835 Dissolvable films impregnated with encapsulated tobacco, tea, coffee, botanicals, and flavors for oral productsDec 28, 09Oct 27, 15Philip Morris USA Inc.
9157054 Device and method for preparing microparticlesNov 14, 08Oct 13, 15THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND
9119411 Melt extrusion encapsulation of flavors and other encapsulates in a carrier containing spices and herbsApr 15, 11Sep 01, 15MCCORMICK & COMPANY, INCORPORATED
9107451 Coating composition for the dip coating of capsule halvesJul 29, 10Aug 18, 15EVONIK ROEHM GMBH
9089152 Method of producing microbeadsApr 13, 10Jul 28, 15TEAGASC- THE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, TEAGASC—Agriculture and Food Development Authority,
9034107 Process for making a continuous structure of an encapsulated materialMar 25, 11May 19, 15Philip Morris USA Inc.
8992196 Seamless capsule manufacturing apparatusOct 09, 09Mar 31, 15FREUND CORPORATION
8968721 Delivery vehicle for probiotic bacteria comprising a dry matrix of polysaccharides, saccharides and polyols in a glass form and methods of making sameApr 30, 12Mar 03, 15ADVANCED BIONUTRITION CORP.
8951566 Process for preparing products comprising stabilised actives and compositions comprising sameFeb 18, 11Feb 10, 15BIOLINGUS IP LLC
8900630 Microcapsules having multiple shells and method for the preparation thereofJan 19, 11Dec 02, 14DSM NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS AG, DSM Nutritional Products,

Showing 1 to 20 of 36 results