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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9826821 Broom and manufacturing method thereofNov 27, 12Nov 28, 17WUHAN YANGYANG YUANLV MINI-RESERVOIRS CO., LTD.
9756933 Processes for manufacturing bristled component for personal-care applicatorJun 26, 15Sep 12, 17NOXELL CORPORATION
9681735 Applicator for a cosmetic product, in particular mascara and method of producing such an applicatorMar 24, 15Jun 20, 17ALBEA SERVICES
9668565 Applicator for a cosmetic product, in particular mascara, and method of manufacturing such an applicatorMar 24, 15Jun 06, 17ALBEA SERVICES
9668569 Method of making a brush and brush obtained in this wayOct 17, 13Jun 06, 17EXTRA BRUSHES S.R.L.
9591909 Applicator for a cosmetic product, in particular mascara and method of producing such an applicatorMar 24, 15Mar 14, 17ALBEA SERVICES
9392867 Method of producing an oral hygiene implement having flexible wingsFeb 10, 15Jul 19, 16THE GILLETTE COMPANY LLC
9357831 Hygienic brush headFeb 22, 13Jun 07, 16VIKAN A/S
9340903 Process for making filament having unique tip and surface characteristicsJun 11, 14May 17, 16The Procter & Gamble Company
9279199 Method and apparatus for manufacturing cleaning memberJan 25, 13Mar 08, 16UNI-CHARM CORPORATION
9204712 Method of making a hygienic brush headFeb 22, 13Dec 08, 15VIKAN A/S
9192226 Method for manufacturing bristle head for brushOct 01, 12Nov 24, 15Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co., Ltd.
9185969 Method of producing opened fiber bundle, method of producing cleaning member, apparatus which opens fiber bundle, and system which produces cleaning memberJan 25, 13Nov 17, 15UNI-CHARM CORPORATION
9089200 Dual sided cosmetics brush and methods for making sameJul 18, 12Jul 28, 15ANISA INTERNATIONAL, INC.
8512611 Manufacturing method of toothbrush filaments using power toothbrush and toothbrush using thereofAug 27, 10Aug 20, 13BBC CO., LTD.
8500212 Applicator brush having decorated fibers and associated method of manufactureSep 21, 10Aug 06, 13ALBEA SERVICES
8333436 Processing method for taper of needle-shaped bristle enhanced throughputMar 12, 08Dec 18, 12BEST WHASUNG CO., LTD.
8167379 Round toothbrush bristles and processing method thereofAug 26, 09May 01, 12Chung, Tae Sang
6808236 Method for producing brushes and apparatus for performing said methodJun 20, 02Oct 26, 04M+C SCHIFFER GMBH
6764142 Method of manufacturing a toothbrush with highly tapered bristles having superior flexibilityOct 03, 03Jul 20, 04BEST WHASUNG CO., LTD., KWON, YOUNG-JUN,

Showing 1 to 20 of 50 results