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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47903 Auto-injectorFeb 26, 18Mar 17, 20Sanofi Aventis Deutschland GmbH
RE47884 DispenserOct 06, 17Mar 03, 20Euro-Celtique SA
RE47683 K-wire and method for surgical proceduresMar 28, 18Nov 05, 19Orthovita, Inc.
RE47682 Guidewire and method for surgical proceduresMar 28, 18Nov 05, 19Orthovita, Inc.
RE47614 Drug delivery device and method of manufacturing a drug delivery deviceNov 06, 15Sep 24, 19Sanofi Aventis Deutschland GmbH
RE47604 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for color-coding tissue based on T1 valuesOct 25, 17Sep 17, 19Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
RE47590 Pump with conveying chamber formed in outer rotor surfaceApr 14, 14Sep 03, 19Quantex Patents Limited
RE47582 Free radical sterilization system and methodJun 23, 16Aug 27, 19STERIFRE MEDICAL, INC.
RE47526 Aerosolization apparatus with air inlet shieldDec 05, 13Jul 23, 19BGP Products
RE47513 Packaged ready-to-use productFeb 21, 17Jul 16, 19Hollister Incorporated
RE47514 Balloon delivery apparatus and method for using and manufacturing the sameFeb 20, 17Jul 16, 19SVELTE MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC.
RE47491 Light transmission system for photoreactive therapyApr 01, 16Jul 09, 19Light Sciences Oncology, Inc.
RE47472 Passively activated safety needle assemblies and methods of useNov 14, 17Jul 02, 19Becton, Dickinson and Company
RE47452 Antimicrobial housing and cover for a medical deviceMar 01, 17Jun 25, 19Baxter International Inc.; BAXTER HEALTHCARE SA;
RE47379 Coaxial guide catheter for interventional cardiology proceduresDec 30, 15May 07, 19TELEFLEX INNOVATIONS S.A.R.L.
RE47378 Needle cover assemblyJan 24, 18May 07, 19SHL MEDICAL AG
RE47154 Device and method for vascular accessApr 07, 16Dec 11, 18Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
RE47129 Low profile heat and moisture exchanger device for tracheotomy and speaking valveNov 18, 16Nov 20, 18Shikani Medical, LLC
RE47111 Soft breastshieldJun 06, 16Nov 06, 18Medela Holding AG
RE46978 Cannula and sizing insertion methodMay 18, 15Aug 07, 18DePuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Showing 1 to 20 of 57013 results