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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47849 Otologic nanotechnologyApr 21, 17Feb 11, 20Hough Ear Institute
RE47624 Co-fired hermetically sealed feedthrough with alumina substrate and platinum filled via for an active implantable medical deviceFeb 05, 16Oct 01, 19Greatbatch Ltd.
RE47588 Patient positioning system for radiotherapyJul 28, 16Sep 03, 19Brainlab AG
RE47367 Sexual stimulation deviceOct 01, 15Apr 30, 19Not available
RE47173 Irradiation system and methodJun 22, 15Dec 25, 18Not available
RE46953 Single-arc dose painting for precision radiation therapySep 06, 13Jul 17, 18The University of Maryland Baltimore; THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME DU LAC; STC.UNM;
RE46927 Heart band with fillable chambers to modify heart valve functionJan 10, 14Jul 03, 18Mardil, Inc.
RE46926 Adherent device with multiple physiological sensorsAug 25, 16Jul 03, 18Medtronic Monitoring, Inc.
9999380 Segmented magnetsSep 22, 15Jun 19, 18Verily Life Sciences LLC
9999774 Optical trigger for therapy deliveryApr 23, 15Jun 19, 18Medtronic Inc.
9999363 System and method for neural interface with modular active electronicsApr 13, 15Jun 19, 18Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC
9999359 System and methods for detecting atrial tachyarrhythmia using hemodynamic sensorsApr 28, 15Jun 19, 18Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.
9999782 Ultraviolet-based sterilizationJun 23, 15Jun 19, 18Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.
9999771 Prefitting evaluation of cochlear implant patientsJun 25, 15Jun 19, 18MED-EL Elektromedizinische Geraete GmbH
9999387 Device and method for evaluating analgesic neurostimulation devicesAug 14, 14Jun 19, 18CENTRE HOSPITAILIER UNIVERSITAIRE DE POITIERS
9999762 Apparatus for application of a pulsed radio frequency therapy in a vascular system or another cavity or tissue of the human or animal bodyAug 14, 12Jun 19, 18Not available
9999767 Esophageal stimulation systemSep 08, 15Jun 19, 18E-MOTION MEDICAL, LTD.
9999393 Delivery of electrode gel using CPR puckJan 29, 14Jun 19, 18ZOLL Medical Corporation
9999758 In-situ material delivery devices and methodsSep 14, 15Jun 19, 18TRANSMED7, LLC
9999776 Secure operation of implanted deviceApr 30, 08Jun 19, 18GEARBOX, LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 30394 results