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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47624 Co-fired hermetically sealed feedthrough with alumina substrate and platinum filled via for an active implantable medical deviceFeb 05, 16Oct 01, 19Greatbatch Ltd.
9999363 System and method for neural interface with modular active electronicsApr 13, 15Jun 19, 18Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC
9999762 Apparatus for application of a pulsed radio frequency therapy in a vascular system or another cavity or tissue of the human or animal bodyAug 14, 12Jun 19, 18Not available
9999767 Esophageal stimulation systemSep 08, 15Jun 19, 18E-MOTION MEDICAL, LTD.
9999773 Implantable neurostimulator-implemented method utilizing multi-modal stimulation parametersOct 22, 14Jun 19, 18Cyberonics Inc.; East Tennessee State University;
9999770 Cochlear implant electrode array including receptor and sensorNov 06, 14Jun 19, 18Cochlear Limited; Universität Zürich;
9999763 Apparatus and methods for anchoring electrode leads adjacent to nervous tissueMar 12, 13Jun 19, 18Mainstay Medical Limited
9999772 Systems and method for deep brain stimulation therapyApr 03, 14Jun 19, 18PACESETTER, INC.
9999461 Therapeutic denervation of nerves surrounding a hepatic vesselSep 30, 15Jun 19, 18Metavention, Inc.
9999769 Excitation modeling and matchingJul 07, 14Jun 19, 18Cisco Technology Inc.
9999764 Resonance tuning module for implantable devices and leadsApr 21, 15Jun 19, 18Medtronic Inc.
9993647 Variable frequency stimulation therapy methodMay 15, 17Jun 12, 18Tsinghua University
9993648 Medical device delivery systemJun 17, 15Jun 12, 18Medtronic Inc.
9993638 Devices, systems and methods to reduce coupling of a shield and a conductor within an implantable medical leadDec 12, 14Jun 12, 18MEDTRONIC, INC.
9993637 Electrical stimulation lead with junction and methods of making and usingAug 21, 13Jun 12, 18Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
9993160 Medical device including manipulable portion with connected elongate membersDec 22, 14Jun 12, 18Kardium Inc.
9993651 Neural stimulation devices and systems for treatment of chronic inflammationOct 19, 15Jun 12, 18SetPoint Medical Corporation
9993644 Systems and methods for fitting an electro-acoustic stimulation system to a patientOct 06, 14Jun 12, 18ADVANCED BIONICS AG
9993639 Implantable medical elongated member including a tissue receiving fixation cavityOct 31, 06Jun 12, 18Medtronic Inc.
9993649 System for planning and/or providing a therapy for neural applicationsMar 28, 14Jun 12, 18Medtronic Bakken Research Center B.V.

Showing 1 to 20 of 5069 results