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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9994680 Co-modified organopolysiloxane, and treatment agent and external use preparation comprising the sameDec 26, 12Jun 12, 18DOW CORNING TORAY CO., LTD.
9987204 Solid cosmetic makeup compositionSep 16, 11Jun 05, 18L'Oreal SA
9980885 Silicone-based copolymer resin powder, making method, and cosmeticsOct 31, 14May 29, 18Nissin Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
9980897 Organopolysiloxane and powder treatment agent, preparation for external use and cosmetic comprising the sameApr 28, 11May 29, 18DOW CORNING TORAY CO., LTD.
9975981 Polyurethane, urethane-(meth)acrylic composite resin, and aqueous dispersion of urethane-(meth)acrylic composite resinAug 05, 14May 22, 18JAPAN COATING RESIN CORPORATION
9962565 Optically-activated system for reducing the appearance of skin imperfectionsMar 20, 15May 08, 18ELC Management LLC
9962327 Cosmetic composition comprising at least one alkoxysilaneNov 09, 12May 08, 18L'Oreal SA
9963469 High refractive index siloxanesMar 14, 14May 08, 18Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
9956159 Oil-based cosmeticMay 01, 14May 01, 18Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd.
9925129 Oil-in-water emulsion cosmetic and method for producing sameMay 08, 14Mar 27, 18JO COSMETICS CO., LTD.
9913782 Composition containing composite particles for screening out UV radiation, with a mean size of greater than 0.1 ÂμM, and hydrophobic silica aerogel particlesMar 20, 14Mar 13, 18L'OREAL
9861560 Cosmetic compositionDec 20, 13Jan 09, 18L'OREAL
9833642 Skin care formulationsSep 10, 14Dec 05, 17MARY KAY INC.
9809705 Resin beads, method for manufacting resin beads and product including resin beadsJul 03, 15Nov 07, 17DAINICHISEIKA COLOR & CHEMICALS MFG. CO., LTD.
9795545 Compositions and methods for enhancing the topical application of a color cosmeticMay 27, 15Oct 24, 17JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER INC.
9775797 Personal care compositionMar 11, 13Oct 03, 17CONOPCO, INC., D/B/A UNILEVER
9763859 Anhydrous emulsions containing polylysine and polar modified polymerOct 01, 12Sep 19, 17L'OREAL
9764167 Method for producing free powder particles of polyamide impregnated with at least one cosmetic or pharmaceutical agent, and free powder particles of polyamide having a content of at least 25 WT % of a cosmetic or pharmaceutical agent other than waterApr 16, 10Sep 19, 17ARKEMA FRANCE
9744116 High color intensity and easily removable mascaraSep 18, 13Aug 29, 17L'OREAL
9744237 Method and system for effecting changes in pigmented tissueNov 30, 11Aug 29, 17Not available

Showing 1 to 20 of 136 results