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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9993846 Single-stream sorting systems and methodsFeb 25, 16Jun 12, 18Ultimate Specialties LLC
9993844 Replaceable grizzly screen member tipsMay 11, 16Jun 12, 18CRUCIBLE, LLC
9992983 Sieving apparatuses for pupae separationMar 23, 17Jun 12, 18Verily Life Sciences, LLC
9993827 Method for controlling a mineral material processing plant and a mineral material processing plantOct 02, 13Jun 12, 18METSO MINERALS INC.
9988781 Sand cleaning vehicle and a method of cleaning sand using the sameSep 22, 16Jun 05, 18IBM Corporation
9987664 Item size graderMay 10, 17Jun 05, 18GARABEDIAN BROS., INC.
9987632 Microfluidic methods for passive separation of cells and particlesFeb 01, 13Jun 05, 18University of Cincinnati
9981290 Static classifierSep 08, 14May 29, 18Coal Milling Projects (PTY) Limited
9981271 Method and system for releasing mineral from synthetic bubbles and beadsMay 25, 12May 29, 18CiDRA CORPORATE SERVICES LLC
9981272 Techniques for transporting synthetic beads or bubbles in a flotation cell or columnMay 25, 12May 29, 18CiDRA Corporate Services, Inc.
9981289 Screen panel locking systemSep 28, 16May 29, 18Lettela Pty Limited
9975147 Continuous flow, size-based separation of entities down to the nanometer scale using nanopillar arraysJun 24, 15May 22, 18IBM Corporation
9976269 Screen belt system for a beach cleaning vehicle and beach cleaning vehicleJan 31, 17May 22, 18Kaessbohrer Gelaendefahrzeug AG
9968968 Machine for grading small sized irregular objects and a process thereofJun 20, 14May 15, 18NANOPIX INTERGRATED SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED
9968942 Method and apparatus for separating contaminants from compost and other recyclable materialsJun 29, 16May 15, 18Boreal Compost Enterprises Ltd.
9962740 Self-actuating debris removal deviceMar 24, 16May 08, 18Ruggenthaler Manufacturing, LLC
9961934 Method for threshing and pneumatic separation of tobacco leavesDec 10, 15May 08, 18HONGTA TOBACCO (GROUP) CO., LTD.
9962742 Process and system for monitoring components in an ore screening installationDec 15, 14May 08, 18SCHENECK PROCESS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
9962739 Support for tensioned screening mediaJan 16, 15May 08, 18Sandvik Intellectual Property AB
9962741 Compact dedusting apparatus with remote dischargeSep 30, 16May 08, 18Pelletron Corporation

Showing 1 to 20 of 2802 results