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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9962989 Robotic system for placing printed material into boxesApr 01, 16May 08, 18Bastian Solutions, LLC
9902192 System and method for high-speed insertion of envelopesApr 16, 14Feb 27, 18Not available
9833965 Sealed letter producing device and envelope sheetOct 26, 11Dec 05, 17RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9789728 Method for supplying document sets and inserting document sets into associated envelopes and enveloping systemAug 27, 14Oct 17, 17WINKLER + DUENNEBIER AG
9738107 Targeted mass mailing system and methodJan 29, 15Aug 22, 17IFM. US, LLC
9688439 Mailpiece with personalized communication and return slip and related method utilizing wrapper systemAug 30, 13Jun 27, 17BELL AND HOWELL, LLC
9656511 Filling station and method of filling an envelopeAug 16, 13May 23, 17BOEWE SYSTEC GMBH
9586434 Printing apparatus for printing image on printing medium to be enclosed in envelopeJul 16, 15Mar 07, 17RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9567122 Apparatus and method for inserting one or more goods into a moveable coverNov 05, 12Feb 14, 17BOEWE SYSTEC GMBH
9493259 Apparatus and method for inserting one or more goods into a moveable coverNov 06, 12Nov 15, 16BOEWE SYSTEC GMBH
9469152 Method, apparatus and enveloping system and electronic interface for electronic communication with a system or apparatus for the order-based processing of flat itemsOct 24, 12Oct 18, 16B�������¶we Systec GmbH, B�¶we Systec GmbH, BOWE SYSTEC GMBH,
9452635 Apparatus for inserting documents into envelopes and associated methodNov 13, 13Sep 27, 16T.S.D. LLC
9403402 Device and method for generating postal itemsSep 10, 14Aug 02, 16BOWE SYSTEC GMBH
9376226 Sealed letter formation systemOct 26, 12Jun 28, 16RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9359095 Apparatus and method for inserting one or more goods into a moveable coverNov 06, 12Jun 07, 16BOEWE SYSTEC GMBH
9283803 Sealed letter forming apparatusApr 16, 12Mar 15, 16RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9266298 Timing control for letter producing system and inserting and sealing unitApr 23, 13Feb 23, 16RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9221295 Apparatus and method to control material converting and envelope stuffingApr 06, 10Dec 29, 15KERN, INC.
9193213 Dynamic buffer for a continuous envelope stuffing systemSep 06, 12Nov 24, 15C.M.C. S.R.L.
9156305 Inserting system and a method of inserting enclosures in envelopes using said inserting systemJan 30, 12Oct 13, 15NEOPOST TECHNOLOGIES

Showing 1 to 20 of 42 results