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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9862510 Electrically operated machine for covering book covers and sealing envelopes and articles of various kindNov 22, 11Jan 09, 18COLIBRI' SYSTEM S.P.A.
9833965 Sealed letter producing device and envelope sheetOct 26, 11Dec 05, 17RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9713936 System and method for ensuring cutting accuracy in a mailpiece wrapperDec 19, 13Jul 25, 17Pitney Bowes Inc.
9688093 Enclosing-sealing device and image formation system having the sameDec 22, 11Jun 27, 17RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9688439 Mailpiece with personalized communication and return slip and related method utilizing wrapper systemAug 30, 13Jun 27, 17BELL AND HOWELL, LLC
9643448 Moistening system for envelopes that reduces clogging caused by contaminantsSep 23, 11May 09, 17Pitney Bowes Inc.
9604493 Method and system to manufacture an integrated return mailpiece on wrapping document processing systemDec 18, 09Mar 28, 17BELL AND HOWELL, LLC
9586710 Method and system for identifying/outsorting improperly wrapped envelopes in a mailpiece fabrication systemOct 05, 12Mar 07, 17Pitney Bowes Inc.
9573709 Inter-machine buffer for mailpiece fabrication systemJun 01, 12Feb 21, 17Pitney Bowes Inc.
9452635 Apparatus for inserting documents into envelopes and associated methodNov 13, 13Sep 27, 16T.S.D. LLC
9302443 Sealing system for creating sealed letter by use of envelope sheet with bond partFeb 12, 13Apr 05, 16RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9296520 Envelope sheetFeb 14, 13Mar 29, 16RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9283803 Sealed letter forming apparatusApr 16, 12Mar 15, 16RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9266298 Timing control for letter producing system and inserting and sealing unitApr 23, 13Feb 23, 16RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9044772 Water application unit for automatically applying water onto sheet being transferredApr 24, 13Jun 02, 15RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
9039111 Sealed document preparation systemMay 16, 13May 26, 15RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION
8951382 Sealing liquid for safety closuresSep 23, 11Feb 10, 15FRANCOTYP-POSTALIA GMBH
8397782 Mailing machine fluid level indicatorDec 21, 09Mar 19, 13Pitney Bowes Inc.
7886797 Apparatus for automatically closing envelopesAug 08, 06Feb 15, 11BOWE SYSTEC GMBH
7832444 Envelope flap closing systemJun 20, 06Nov 16, 10Pitney Bowes Inc.

Showing 1 to 20 of 38 results