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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9873537 Method of making a container with labeling deviceOct 29, 14Jan 23, 18MULTI PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, INC.
9580198 Line converger with label dispenserNov 25, 14Feb 28, 17MULTIVAC SEPP HAGGENMUELLER SE & CO. KG
9481484 Two-component hybrid labeling system for use in repeat labelingSep 12, 13Nov 01, 16ACTEGA NORTH AMERICA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9321279 Tape printer for forming self-laminating label, tape cassette and ink ribbon thereforMar 31, 15Apr 26, 16BROTHER KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA
9211966 Pressure label applicatorJul 23, 10Dec 15, 15The Procter & Gamble Company
9206338 Heat-transfer label assembly and method of using the sameAug 27, 12Dec 08, 15MULTI-COLOR CORPORATION
9061484 Label assembly having registration structures for applying a label to an objectJan 21, 11Jun 23, 15CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.
8579133 Protective sleeves for containersSep 04, 08Nov 12, 13Lifefactory, Inc., MARCUS + JOY LLC DBA BABYLIFE,
8530045 Brittle polymeric film and tamper evident labels made therefromFeb 23, 10Sep 10, 13Dupont Teijin Films US Ltd.
8327902 Tape delivery system for a tape applicatorJun 04, 10Dec 11, 12LAMUS ENTERPRISES INC.
7033456 Label assembly and apparatus and method for transferring a label portion from the label assembly onto an objectNov 14, 03Apr 25, 06CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.
7001476 Apparatus and method for transferring a label portion from a label assembly onto an objectFeb 03, 04Feb 21, 06CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.
6932133 Apparatus and method for transferring a label portion from a label assembly onto an objectFeb 03, 04Aug 23, 05CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.
6874553 Compact disc labelerOct 03, 02Apr 05, 05BELKIN INTERNATIONAL, INC.
6845799 Device for applying labels to flat objectsApr 24, 03Jan 25, 05SIEMENS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
6837291 Device for placing a label of any external profile on a compact disc as well as a method for manufacturing and for the use of the deviceFeb 27, 04Jan 04, 05FELLOWES, INC.
6805180 Label assembly and apparatusApr 25, 03Oct 19, 04CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.
6799621 Label assembly and apparatusFeb 19, 03Oct 05, 04CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.
6792988 Labeling deviceDec 26, 02Sep 21, 04IMATION CORP., ROCKY MOUNTAIN TRADERS, INC.,
6776208 Label assembly and apparatusFeb 19, 03Aug 17, 04CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 89 results