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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9898939 Method and apparatus for providing a tire with an informative label, and tire provided with such a labelSep 26, 13Feb 20, 18APOLLO TYRES GLOBAL R&D B.V.
9889960 System and method for applying tubular shrink sleeve material to containersJan 12, 15Feb 13, 18AXON LLC
9873537 Method of making a container with labeling deviceOct 29, 14Jan 23, 18MULTI PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, INC.
9834330 Shrink-wrap labelling of crustacean clawsDec 16, 11Dec 05, 17CLEARWATER SEAFOODS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
9799237 Labeling article and method of useMar 07, 16Oct 24, 17BEDFORD INDUSTRIES, INC.
9771175 Labelling unit for applying a label onto an articleDec 18, 14Sep 26, 17SIDEL S.P.A. CON SOCIO UNICO
9751258 Process for forming a sleeve on a containerOct 22, 14Sep 05, 17The Procter & Gamble Company
9724904 Method and system for producing composite componentNov 21, 14Aug 08, 17AIRBUS OPERATIONS GMBH
9604745 Labeling apparatus with robot and related methodsJan 06, 12Mar 28, 17JOHN BEAN TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION
9522757 Method and unit for forming tubular lengths of web material particularly in a labelling machineOct 31, 14Dec 20, 16SIDEL S.P.A. CON SOCIO UNICO
9469427 Labelling machine and methodMay 28, 13Oct 18, 16SIDEL S.P.A. CON SOCIO UNICO
9311830 Labeling article, method of use and assemblyJul 22, 14Apr 12, 16BEDFORD INDUSTRIES, INC.
9272567 Method and apparatus for transferring images onto a curved surfaceDec 19, 11Mar 01, 16FUJIFILM NORTH AMERICA CORPORATION
9233770 Method and unit for forming tubular lengths of web material, particularly in a labelling machineFeb 12, 13Jan 12, 16SIDEL S.P.A., SIDEL S.P.A. CON SOCIO UNICO,
9211966 Pressure label applicatorJul 23, 10Dec 15, 15The Procter & Gamble Company
9206338 Heat-transfer label assembly and method of using the sameAug 27, 12Dec 08, 15MULTI-COLOR CORPORATION
9061484 Label assembly having registration structures for applying a label to an objectJan 21, 11Jun 23, 15CONTINENTAL DATALABEL, INC.
9017502 Method and device for producing sleeve-like labelsNov 09, 10Apr 28, 15SACMI VERONA S.P.A.
9004134 Method and plant for applying a heat-shrinkable lable to containersOct 04, 11Apr 14, 15SACMI IMOLA S.C.
8910692 Label attaching deviceOct 15, 10Dec 16, 14SAMSUNG SDI CO., LTD.

Showing 1 to 20 of 96 results