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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9982100 Acoustic product composed of composite materialApr 22, 15May 29, 18OY ALL-PLAST AB; Flaxwood Oy;
9974193 Coating metal foil with N-heterocyclic carbene compounds containing organic functionalities for improving metal-to-resin adhesionSep 30, 15May 15, 18International Business Machine Corporation
9962736 Low-gloss, flexible clear coats, articles of manufacture having low-gloss, two coat paint systems, and methods for applying the sameSep 08, 10May 08, 18Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.; NB Coatings, Inc.;
9957380 Formaldehyde-free smoke reduction agents for bindersApr 17, 15May 01, 18Johns Manville
9909234 Cellulose fiber, composite material, and method of producing the cellulose fiberFeb 06, 17Mar 06, 18YAMAHA CORPORATION
9867287 Low dielectric resin composition with phosphorus-containing flame retardant and preparation method and application thereofJul 07, 15Jan 09, 18Elite Electronic Material (Zhong Shan) Co., Ltd.
9856329 Flame retardant modified cellulosic nanomaterials (FR-CNs) prepared using phosphorus-containing monomersJan 05, 17Jan 02, 18INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION
RE46649 Method for improving rheological properties of an aqueous pigment slurry and a dispersion agentApr 29, 16Dec 26, 17KEMIRA OYJ
9822243 Freeze-dried compositionApr 20, 10Nov 21, 17MEDSKIN SOLUTIONS DR. SUWELACK AG
9815910 Surface modification of cellulose nanocrystalsJun 22, 15Nov 14, 17MCMASTER UNIVERSITY
9796790 Liquid composition, shaped article, and shaped article production methodNov 12, 15Oct 24, 17SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION
9798979 Devices, methods, and associated information processing for security in a smart-sensored homeAug 12, 15Oct 24, 17GOOGLE LLC
9776381 Tear resistant multilayer filmDec 18, 14Oct 03, 173M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY
9776900 Use of celluloses in sludge dewatering, and sludge products thereofJan 09, 15Oct 03, 17Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.
9765205 Macrophyte-based bioplasticAug 24, 12Sep 19, 17ALGIX, LLC
9708485 Aqueous binders for granular and/or fibrous substratesJul 23, 15Jul 18, 17BASF SE
9700648 Artificial scab for use in an airwayOct 26, 11Jul 11, 17MEDTRONIC, INC.
9701935 Magnetic particlesApr 16, 09Jul 11, 17STEMCELL TECHNOLOGIES INC.
9676902 Aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters and their mixturesMay 24, 11Jun 13, 17NOVAMONT S.P.A.
9663654 Resin composition comprising polyalkylene carbonateJun 30, 14May 30, 17LG CHEM, LTD.

Showing 1 to 20 of 410 results