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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9994738 Method for producing zeta negative nanodiamond dispersion and zeta negative nanodiamond dispersionApr 22, 14Jun 12, 18Carbodeon Ltd Oy
9994739 Polishing liquid and method of polishing SiC substrateOct 30, 15Jun 12, 18Disco Corporation
9994735 Slurry composition for polishing tungstenJun 22, 16Jun 12, 18KCTECH CO., LTD.
9994737 Slurry compounds and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using the sameDec 23, 16Jun 12, 18Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
9994736 Slurry composition for chemical mechanical polishing of GE-based materials and devicesDec 15, 16Jun 12, 18Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.; UWIZ Technology Co., Ltd.;
9991127 Method of fabricating integrated circuit device by using slurry compositionOct 06, 16Jun 05, 18SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.; K.C. Tech Co. Ltd.;
9988573 Slurry, polishing liquid set, polishing liquid, method for polishing substrate, and substrateNov 21, 11Jun 05, 18Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
9982166 Metal oxide-polymer composite particles for chemical mechanical planarizationDec 16, 14May 29, 18Cabot Corporation
9982351 Chemical mechanical polishing for improved contrast resolutionJan 31, 17May 29, 18GM Global Technology Operations LLC
9982165 Polishing slurry for silicon, method of polishing polysilicon and method of manufacturing a thin film transistor substrateNov 18, 16May 29, 18SAMSUNG DISPLAY CO., LTD.; UBmaterials Inc.;
9978609 Low dishing copper chemical mechanical planarizationJan 20, 16May 22, 18VERSUM MATERIALS US, LLC
9969904 Epoxy-fortified floor polishesMar 16, 15May 15, 18?Rohm and Haas Company; Dow Global Technologies LLC;
9966269 Polishing liquid for CMP, polishing liquid set for CMP, and polishing methodMay 29, 15May 08, 18Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
9962811 Method and blasting means for producing a sanitized finish on an aluminum substrateSep 10, 12May 08, 18VULKAN INOX GMBH
9957419 Method for producing zeta negative nanodiamond dispersion and zeta negative nanodiamond dispersionApr 22, 14May 01, 18Carbodeon Ltd Oy
9944829 Halite salts as silicon carbide etchants for enhancing CMP material removal rate for SiC waferOct 24, 16Apr 17, 18Not available
9944828 Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing of cobaltOct 21, 15Apr 17, 18Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
9944827 CMP polishing solution and polishing methodJun 29, 11Apr 17, 18Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
9932678 Microetching solution for copper, replenishment solution therefor and method for production of wiring boardAug 01, 16Apr 03, 18Mec Company Ltd.
9932497 Slurry, polishing-solution set, polishing solution, substrate polishing method, and substrateMar 26, 13Apr 03, 18Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

Showing 1 to 20 of 742 results