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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9656908 Inorganic adhesive composition and hermetic sealing method using sameJun 12, 13May 23, 17CORNING PRECISION MATERIALS CO., LTD.
9458366 Adhesive comprising partly hydrolyzed proteins and metal silicatesDec 21, 12Oct 04, 16BOLLERUP JENSEN A/S
9067247 Treatment of tailings with deionized silicate solutionsMar 21, 13Jun 30, 15THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC
8758502 Slurry formulation for the production of thermal barrier coatingsJun 30, 10Jun 24, 14ANSALDO ENERGIA IP UK LIMITED
8292999 Exhaust pipe paint, method for producing exhaust pipe, and exhaust pipeDec 25, 09Oct 23, 12IBIDEN CO., LTD.
8142689 Fire retardancy and shape retention reinforced polyesterMay 01, 07Mar 27, 12Encepkorea Co., Ltd.
6949306 High temperature stable adhesiveMar 07, 02Sep 27, 05ELRINGKLINGER AG
4629507 Water glass-based inorganic material and process for producing the sameOct 17, 85Dec 16, 86KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA CHUO KENKYUSHO
4609487 Gel-forming mixture based on an alkali silicate and a trialkoxysilaneFeb 19, 85Sep 02, 86DYNAMIT NOBEL AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
4561898 Hardener for silicate soil stabilizersSep 20, 84Dec 31, 85HENKEL KGAA
4478905 Spandrel product with silicate coatingNov 22, 82Oct 23, 84PPG INDUSTRIES OHIO, INC.
4452636 Building elements containing cement and spheres of expanded, porous foamed resinMar 03, 81Jun 05, 84Not available
4433016 Multiple glazed unit bonded with fiber-reinforced silicate cementJun 14, 82Feb 21, 84PPG INDUSTRIES, INC.
4403059 Storage-stable aqueous alkali metal silicate/filler adhesive compositions and their useFeb 18, 82Sep 06, 83HENKEL KGAA
4354874 Composition and process for consolidating soilOct 30, 81Oct 19, 82DIAMOND SHAMROCK CHEMICALS COMPANY
4354875 Controlling the curing time of alkali metal silicates using derivatives of glyoxalOct 30, 81Oct 19, 82DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORPORATION CHANGED TO DIAMOND CHEMICALS COMPANY
4334941 Multiple glazed unit bonded with silicate cementJul 27, 81Jun 15, 82PPG INDUSTRIES, INC.
4293340 Composition and process for stabilizing soilOct 20, 80Oct 06, 81BIOSPECIFIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
4288252 Method of making low temperature curable silicate compositionsApr 21, 80Sep 08, 81PPG INDUSTRIES, INC.