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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9914897 Subcritical water assisted oil extraction and green coal production from oilseedsMay 15, 17Mar 13, 18TYTON BIOSCIENCES, LLC
9872509 Systems and methods for improved renderingFeb 13, 14Jan 23, 18Not available
9439938 Use of avocado skin for obtaining an avocado unsaponifiable material enriched with saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons and with sterolsJan 14, 13Sep 13, 16LABORATOIRES EXPANSCIENCE
9422504 Use of whole soft avocados for preparing avocado oil rich in unsaponifiablesDec 26, 12Aug 23, 16LABORATOIRES EXPANSCIENCE
9416333 Use of avocado pit for obtaining an avocado oil enriched with alkyl polyols and/or acetylated derivatives thereofJan 14, 13Aug 16, 16LABORATOIRES EXPANSCIENCE
8951593 Oilseed crushing heat recovery processAug 09, 12Feb 10, 15N.V. Desmet Ballestra Engineering S.A.
5958421 Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition containing an andiroba extractApr 14, 98Sep 28, 99Laboratoires de Biologie Vegetale Yves Rocher
5620728 Method and apparatus for the extraction of oils from grain materials and grain-based food productsNov 17, 94Apr 15, 97Food Sciences, Inc.
4452744 Olive oil recoveryFeb 04, 82Jun 05, 84FPS Development Partnership, HARDIE AND SOETH INVESTING PARTNERSHIP, LIMITED PARTNERS,
4370274 Olive oil recoveryDec 23, 80Jan 25, 83FPS Development Partnership