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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9822329 Container assembly for aging a liquidApr 20, 15Nov 21, 17Not available
9802805 Apparatus for storage and aging of wineSep 10, 15Oct 31, 17Not available
9758753 Colloidal stabilization of beerAug 18, 04Sep 12, 17ISP INVESTMENTS LLC
9745545 Faster aging of alcoholic beveragesJun 29, 15Aug 29, 17Not available
9708575 Systems and methods for wine processingAug 13, 15Jul 18, 17WINE PLUM, INC.
9580676 Oenological product comprising compressed pieces of oak wood and a method for preparing such a productMar 13, 14Feb 28, 17SEGUIN MOREAU & C°
9522203 Stabilized chlorine dioxide for contamination control in zymomonas fermentationAug 26, 14Dec 20, 16E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY
9260682 Disposable wine fermentation vessel with cap management and integral pressNov 25, 13Feb 16, 16Not available
9138660 Method for reducing water content of an object to be treatedMay 07, 12Sep 22, 15KIRISHIMA HIGHLAND BEER CO., LTD., Masahiro Yamamoto,
9005687 Methods for reducing soluble metal ions in diatomaceous earth filter aidsMar 15, 10Apr 14, 15MILLERCOORS LLC
8658088 Hand-held device with reagents and method for detection and diagnosticsApr 12, 12Feb 25, 14The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Army, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,
8141477 Mash/lauter tun and method of use thereofMay 13, 08Mar 27, 12Not available
8029663 Treatment device for magnetically treating liquid in a container and having an associated timerMar 05, 08Oct 04, 11OMEGA PATENTS, L.L.C.
8025805 Device for reducing bitterness and astringency in beverages containing polyphenols and tanninsJun 16, 09Sep 27, 11Inventive Technologies, Inc.
7762179 System for non-deleterious accelerated aging of wine or spiritsSep 18, 07Jul 27, 10Not available
7651719 Process for the preparation of aqueous suspensions of anionic colloidal silica having a neutral pH and applications thereofOct 16, 07Jan 26, 10MERCK PATENT GMBH
7622039 Pourer with magnetic enhancementApr 20, 06Nov 24, 09Inventive Technologies, Inc.
7571673 Method for treating a wine, measuring its aptitude for ageing and device for implementing said methodApr 07, 04Aug 11, 09PSP
7566469 Method of dewatering grain stillage solidsOct 13, 03Jul 28, 09ECOLAB USA INC.
7328648 Apparatus for improving the taste of beveragesApr 16, 02Feb 12, 08Not available

Showing 1 to 20 of 82 results