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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
8,986,517 Method and apparatus for making and concentrating an aqueous caustic alkaliOct 12, 12Mar 24, 15WESTLAKE VINYL CORPORATION
8,986,518 Cartridge-based, hydrogen on-demand generatorJan 18, 12Mar 24, 15CLEANWORLD FUELS, LLC
8,986,520 Apparatus administering a therapeutic agent into tissueMar 11, 13Mar 24, 15CERAMATEC, INC.
8,986,521 Contact bar for capping boardFeb 06, 12Mar 24, 15PULTRUSION TECHNIQUE INC.
8,986,531 Bio-energy reactorJun 16, 11Mar 24, 15ENNESYS SAS
8,986,532 Methods and systems for the reduction of molecules using diamond as a photoreduction catalystJan 31, 12Mar 24, 15WISCONSIN ALUMNI RESEARCH FOUNDATION
8,986,533 Conversion of carbon dioxide to organic productsMay 15, 12Mar 24, 15PRINCETON UNIVERSITY
8,986,534 Method for removing oxygen from a reaction mediumJul 03, 12Mar 24, 15SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY
8,986,817 Nitrided component surface repairMar 12, 13Mar 24, 15CATERPILLAR INC.
8,986,898 Apparatus including fuel cell and electrolyzer and method for controlling fuel cell operating conditions of the apparatusSep 30, 11Mar 24, 15BLACKBERRY LIMITED
8,980,071 Apparatus and method for detecting a state of a deposition apparatusAug 27, 10Mar 17, 15APPLIED MATERIALS, INC.
8,980,079 Electrolytic cell for ozone productionDec 02, 11Mar 17, 15ELECTROLYTIC OZONE INC.
8,978,293 Process for the production of useful materials for sustaining manned space missions on mars through in-situ resources utilizationJul 24, 12Mar 17, 15UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI CAGLIARI, A.S.I. AGENZIA SPAZIALE ITALIANA, CENTRO DI RICERCA, SVILUPPO E STUDI SUPERIORI IN SARDEGNA SOCIETA' A RESPONSABILITA' LIMITATA,
8,974,646 Portable hydrogen-rich water generatorMar 21, 11Mar 10, 15KIM, ILBONG
8,974,647 Gas generation deviceMar 18, 11Mar 10, 15TOYO TANSO CO., LTD.
8,974,649 Combinatorial RF bias method for PVDDec 12, 11Mar 10, 15INTERMOLECULAR, INC.
8,968,434 Facility for producing synthetic hydrocarbons, and associated methodJun 03, 10Mar 03, 15AREVA
8,968,534 Water oxidation catalystJan 31, 12Mar 03, 15TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, TOYOTA MOTOR ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING NORTH AMERICA, INC., Toyota Motor Egineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.,
8,968,535 Ion beam sourceDec 14, 10Mar 03, 15SPTS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED
8,968,538 Sputtering device and sputtering methodSep 29, 09Mar 03, 15CANON ANELVA CORPORATION

Showing 1 to 20 of 5619 results