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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
8,808,512 Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making itJan 22, 13Aug 19, 14GTA, INC.
8,808,513 Stress adjustment in reactive sputteringMar 25, 09Aug 19, 14OEM GROUP INC.
8,808,529 Systems and methods for sustainable economic development through integrated full spectrum production of renewable material resources using solar thermalAug 16, 10Aug 19, 14MCALISTER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
8,808,781 Method for producing vanillin by electrochemical oxidation of aqueous lignin solutions or suspensionsAug 08, 12Aug 19, 14BASF SE; RHEINISCHE FRIEDRICH-WILHELMS-UNIVERSITAET BONN;
8,809,602 Method of producing iodizing agent, and method of producing aromatic iodine compoundJan 30, 13Aug 19, 14JAPAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AGENCY; NIPPOH CHEMICALS CO. LTD;
8,801,911 Device and method of manipulating particlesSep 30, 11Aug 12, 14INDUSTRY-ACADEMIC COOPERATION FOUNDATION, YEUNGNAM UNIVERSITY
8,795,481 Optimization of power system including electrolyzerJan 03, 12Aug 05, 14GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY
8,795,483 Two-chamber coaxial electrolyser deviceApr 29, 08Aug 05, 14Not available
8,795,501 Dielectrophoretic particle concentrator and concentration with detection methodApr 19, 10Aug 05, 14INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE
8,795,506 Primary production of elementsJun 10, 13Aug 05, 14INFINIUM, INC.
8,795,508 Carbon dioxide sequestration through formation of group-2 carbonates and silicon dioxideDec 17, 10Aug 05, 14SKYONIC CORPORATION
8,795,509 Process for producing pure ammonium perrhenateApr 29, 09Aug 05, 14H.C. STARCK GMBH
8,791,166 Producing methanol and its products exclusively from geothermal sources and their energyJul 10, 09Jul 29, 14UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
8,791,354 Photoelectrochemical cellMay 13, 05Jul 29, 14NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.
8,784,619 Hydrogen supplemental system for on-demand hydrogen generation for internal combustion enginesMar 15, 13Jul 22, 14HNO Green Fuels, Inc.
8,784,620 Method of operating a diaphragm electrolytic cellMay 10, 11Jul 22, 14AXIALL OHIO, INC., PPG INDUSTRIES OHIO, INC.,
8,784,622 System and method for dual-sided sputter etch of substratesDec 05, 08Jul 22, 14INTEVAC, INC.
8,783,145 Apparatus for stripping metal sheets from cathode blankDec 23, 10Jul 22, 14JIANGXI NERIN EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.
8,778,144 Method for manufacturing magnetron coated substrates and magnetron sputter sourceSep 28, 04Jul 15, 14OERLIKON ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES AG
8,778,148 Electrolysis cell for hydrogen chloride electrolysisMar 25, 09Jul 15, 14BAYER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GMBH, BAYER MATERIALSCIENCE AG,

Showing 1 to 20 of 5460 results