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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9630169 Semiconductor material, optical hydrogen generating device using same, and method of producing hydrogenAug 31, 12Apr 25, 17PANASONIC CORPORATION
9630844 Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of tellurium from high lead bearing copper refinery anode slimeAug 19, 14Apr 25, 17COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH
9630863 Advanced oxidation system and method in a UV reactor with electrodeMar 28, 14Apr 25, 17NEPTUNE-BENSON, LLC
9631271 Sputtering system and method of fabricating display device using the sameMar 18, 14Apr 25, 17SAMSUNG DISPLAY CO., LTD.
9631284 Electrochemical device for syngas and liquid fuels productionMar 14, 14Apr 25, 17ALLIANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, LLC, COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES,
9631285 Electrochemical process for the production of synthesis gas using atmospheric air and waterNov 01, 11Apr 25, 17CERAMATEC, INC.
9631286 O to fuelApr 11, 13Apr 25, 17DANMARKS TEKNISKE UNIVERSITET
9631287 Method and facility system for providing an energy carrier by application of carbon dioxide as a carbon supplier of electric energyAug 13, 09Apr 25, 17SILICON FIRE AG
9631288 Gas generatorNov 25, 14Apr 25, 17Not available
9631866 Heat engineAug 08, 14Apr 25, 17BROWN-CRAVENS-TAYLOR
9623204 Electrolysis system and apparatus for collecting hydrogen gasAug 20, 13Apr 18, 17Not available
9623981 Aircraft fuel tank ullage gas management systemNov 24, 14Apr 18, 17HAMILTON SUNDSTRAND CORPORATION
9624585 Fluid chamber device for a reaction unit of a redox deviceJun 23, 14Apr 18, 17AIRBUS DS GMBH
9624586 Electrolysis cell and method for operating an electrolysis cellJul 23, 15Apr 18, 17INNOVATEC GERATETECHNIK GMBH, Innovatec Gerãtetechnik GmbH,
9624587 Water electrolysis systemSep 07, 15Apr 18, 17HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.
9624588 Multi-component eluent generating system and methodJun 15, 15Apr 18, 17DIONEX CORPORATION
9624589 System and process for electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxideMar 06, 14Apr 18, 17UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE
9624590 Method for recovering an electropositive metal from a metal carbonateJun 25, 13Apr 18, 17SIEMENS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
9627698 Gas distribution element for a fuel cellJun 11, 13Apr 18, 17HTCERAMIX S.A.
9617646 Comminution water contaminant removal systemNov 14, 12Apr 11, 17ELWHA LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 6211 results