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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
8,911,601 Deposition ring and electrostatic chuck for physical vapor deposition chamberOct 25, 11Dec 16, 14APPLIED MATERIALS INC.
8,911,612 Method of operating metal-bromine cellsMar 21, 11Dec 16, 14BROMINE COMPOUNDS LTD.
8,911,675 Discharge cell for ozonizerMar 19, 07Dec 16, 14SUMITOMO PRECISION PRODUCTS CO., LTD.
8,906,206 Vertical-offset coater and methods of useFeb 26, 10Dec 09, 14CARDINAL CG COMPANY
8,906,219 Methods and apparatus of electrochemical production of carbon monoxide, and uses thereofNov 08, 10Dec 09, 14YEDA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CO. LTD.
8,894,522 Drive end-block for a rotatable magnetronApr 10, 09Nov 25, 14VON ARDENNE ANLAGENTECHNIK GMBH
8,894,826 Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin films with composition controlled by co-sputteringSep 17, 10Nov 25, 14SUNLIGHT PHOTONICS INC., The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy,
8,894,829 Water electrolysis apparatusDec 21, 10Nov 25, 14HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.
8,894,830 utilization in electrochemical systemsJul 03, 12Nov 25, 14CALERA CORPORATION, CELERA CORPORATION,
8,894,865 Process for depleting calcium and/or iron from geothermal brinesNov 14, 12Nov 25, 14BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY ENERGY COMPANY
8,894,926 Sterilization apparatus and sterilization methodOct 04, 12Nov 25, 14CANON MARKETING JAPAN KABUSHIKI KAISHA, ELK CORPORATION OF DALLAS, KABUSHIKI KAISHA ELQUEST,
8,895,467 Ag/MnyOx/C catalyst, preparation and application thereofNov 30, 10Nov 25, 14DALIAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
8,888,968 Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making itFeb 12, 14Nov 18, 14GTA, INC.
8,888,969 Nanostructured microelectrodes and biosensing devices incorporating the sameSep 01, 09Nov 18, 14THE GOVERNING COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO
8,888,981 Detection method using an electrochemically-assisted alpha detector for nuclear measurement in a liquid mediumOct 07, 11Nov 18, 14COMMISSARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE ET AUX ENERGIES ALTERNATIVES
8,888,997 Centralized supply system for electrolyzed oxidizing water and intelligent control method thereofSep 22, 11Nov 18, 14GLOBAL RESOURCE ENVI-TECH CO., LTD.
8,889,313 Electrolyte plate with increased rigidity, and electrochemical system comprising such an electrolyte plateOct 28, 09Nov 18, 14COMMISSARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE ET AUX ENERGIES ALTERNATIVES
8,889,920 Process for preparing 4-isopropylcyclohexylmethanolFeb 11, 11Nov 18, 14BASF SE
8,890,130 Formation of conjugated polymers for solid-state devicesFeb 21, 13Nov 18, 14UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT

Showing 1 to 20 of 5548 results