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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
8,961,667 Radial counterflow muffler for NO reduction and pollutant collectionFeb 01, 12Feb 24, 15MCCUTCHEN CO.
8,961,747 Water electrolysis system and method of stopping operation of water electrolysis systemSep 04, 12Feb 24, 15HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.
8,961,748 Water electrolysis systemSep 22, 11Feb 24, 15HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.
8,961,750 Electrochemical modular cell for processing electrolyte solutionsDec 03, 08Feb 24, 15Not available
8,961,751 Electrochemical liquid treatment cell with modular constructionSep 30, 10Feb 24, 15BIOLONIX, INC.
8,961,752 Filter device for purifying fluidsApr 22, 10Feb 24, 15HYDAC FILTERTECHNIK GMBH
8,961,753 Electrolytic cell assemblyDec 05, 05Feb 24, 15BALBOA WATER GROUP, INC.
8,961,754 Electrochemical sensorsSep 23, 13Feb 24, 15ISIS INNOVATION LTD.
8,961,774 Electrochemical production of butanol from carbon dioxide and waterNov 30, 11Feb 24, 15LIQUID LIGHT, INC.
8,961,775 High productivity Kolbe reaction process for transformation of fatty acids derived from plant oil and animal fatJul 15, 14Feb 24, 15ALTRANEX CORPORATION
8,961,776 Molecular metal-Oxo catalysts for generating hydrogen from waterSep 10, 10Feb 24, 15THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
8,962,132 Solid polymer electrolyte composite membrane comprising a porous support and a solid polymer electrolyte including a dispersed reduced noble metal or noble metal oxideOct 04, 10Feb 24, 15GINER INC.
8,956,518 Electrochemical sensors with carrier fieldApr 20, 11Feb 17, 15CILAG GMBH INTERNATIONAL
8,956,525 Buffered cobalt oxide catalystsNov 29, 10Feb 17, 15WISCONSIN ALUMNI RESEARCH FOUNDATION
8,956,526 Hybrid sulfur cycle operation for high-temperature gas-cooled reactorsAug 09, 12Feb 17, 15SAVANNAH RIVER NUCLEAR SOLUTIONS, LLC, Savannah Nuclear Solutions, LLC,
8,956,770 Method for optimizing the conductivity provided by the displacement of H+ protons and/or OH- ions in a conductive membraneMay 30, 08Feb 17, 15AREVA, ARMINES, CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE, SOCIETE DES CERAMIQUES TECHNIQUES,
8,956,990 Catalyst mixturesSep 25, 12Feb 17, 15DIOXIDE MATERIALS, INC.
8,951,393 Fluorine gas generating apparatusJan 18, 11Feb 10, 15CENTRAL GLASS COMPANY, LIMITED
8,951,394 Cylindrical magnetron having a shuntSep 21, 10Feb 10, 15ANGSTROM SCIENCES, INC.
8,945,355 Systems and methods for generating germicidal compositionsMay 29, 14Feb 03, 15ZUREX PHARMAGRA, LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 5598 results