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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9,120,040 Anti-fouling materials based on poly(β-peptoid)sMay 29, 12Sep 01, 15THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON
9,121,107 Method of activating a doped diamond electrodeFeb 16, 12Sep 01, 15COMMISSARIAT A L' ENERGIE ATOMIQUE ET AUX ENERGIES ALTERNATIVES
9,114,379 Niobium nitride and method for producing same, niobium nitride-containing film and method for producing same, semiconductor, semiconductor device, photocatalyst, hydrogen generation device, and energy systemNov 28, 12Aug 25, 15PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD.
9,115,430 Anode device and maintenance methodSep 11, 12Aug 25, 15Not available
9,115,434 Water splitting oxygen evolving catalyst, method of preparing the catalyst, electrode having the catalyst, and water splitting oxygen evolving device having the electrodeJul 30, 12Aug 25, 15SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
9,115,435 Methods for associating or dissociating guest materials with a metal organic framework, systems for associating or dissociating guest materials within a series of metal organic frameworks, and gas separation assembliesMar 14, 13Aug 25, 15BATTELLE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE
9,115,436 System for confining and evacuating aerosols of two or three-phasesNov 08, 11Aug 25, 15New Tech Copper SpA
9,118,040 Electrochemical cell with improved water or gas managementNov 02, 12Aug 25, 15Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.
9,118,082 Oxygen-consuming electrode and process for the production thereofSep 24, 12Aug 25, 15BAYER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GMBH
9,108,165 Cell for depolarised electrodialysis of salt solutionsMar 28, 12Aug 18, 15INDUSTRIE DE NORA S.P.A.
9,108,844 Method for producing hydrogen chloride or an aqueous solution thereof using untreated salt water, thus produced product, use of the product and electrodialysis systemAug 27, 10Aug 18, 15WME GESELLSCHAFT FUR WINDKRAFTBETRIEBENE MEERWASSERENTSALZUNG MBH
9,109,293 Electrocatalyst for electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxideJul 25, 14Aug 18, 15KING ABDULAZIZ CITY FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM AND MINERALS,
9,111,733 Plasma ignition performance for low pressure physical vapor deposition (PVD) processesAug 31, 09Aug 18, 15NOVELLUS SYSTEMS, INC.
9,112,085 High efficiency broadband semiconductor nanowire devicesApr 19, 13Aug 18, 15THE ROYAL INSTITUTION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING/MCGILL UNIVERSITY
9,103,025 Magnetron sputtering apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor deviceSep 21, 07Aug 11, 15KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOSHIBA
9,103,042 Electrochemical synthesis to produce lube stock from renewable feedsMar 07, 13Aug 11, 15EXXONMOBIL RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING COMPANY
9,103,043 Electrolyzing systemMar 26, 14Aug 11, 15Spraying Systems Co.
9,103,044 Electrolytic manganese dioxide, and method for its production and its applicationAug 23, 10Aug 11, 15TOSOH CORPORATION
9,105,907 Material for an electrochemical deviceMar 04, 09Aug 11, 15CERAM HYD
9,096,012 Surface texturing using engineered structuresJun 08, 12Aug 04, 15GM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 5747 results