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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9688550 Electrolytic apparatus and method for treating water to remove nitrates, phosphates, arsenates, and molecules of high molecular weightAug 08, 11Jun 27, 17Aqua Vectors, Incorporated
9688647 Alkylene oxide synthesisNov 04, 14Jun 27, 17Corning Incorporated
9689077 Activation of cathodeApr 23, 10Jun 27, 17Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.V.
9689078 Production of valuable chemicals by electroreduction of carbon dioxide in a NaSICON cellMar 05, 14Jun 27, 17Ceramatec Inc.
9689079 Composite electrode for electrolytically producing alkaline water, apparatus comprising the same and use of the alkaline water producedDec 08, 11Jun 27, 17Ecospec Global Technology Pte. Ltd.
9689080 Layered alkali iridate, layered iridic acid, and iridium oxide nanosheetSep 09, 16Jun 27, 17Shinshu University
9682370 Process for producing fluorinated copolymerNov 15, 13Jun 20, 17ASAHI GLASS COMPANY LIMITED
9683297 Apparatus for molten salt electrolysis with solar photovoltaic electricity supply and solar thermal heating of molten salt electrolyteSep 07, 12Jun 20, 17The George Washington University
9683298 Method and apparatus for producing gasFeb 11, 13Jun 20, 17HYDROX HOLDINGS LIMITED
9683299 Internally reinforced structural composites and associated methods of manufacturingAug 16, 10Jun 20, 17McAlister Technologies, LLC
9683300 Bipolar alkaline water electrolysis unit and electrolytic cellJun 17, 13Jun 20, 17Asahi Kasei Kabushiki Kaisha
9675940 Curable compositions and membranesJul 05, 12Jun 13, 17Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe BV
9677181 Processes for preparing lithium hydroxideApr 23, 13Jun 13, 17Nemaska Lithium Inc.
9677182 Production of fuel from chemicals derived from biomassAug 27, 14Jun 13, 17Ceramatec Inc.
9677183 Electrocatalyst, electrode coating and electrode for the preparation of chlorineFeb 06, 14Jun 13, 17Covestro Deutschland AG
9677190 Membrane design for reducing defects in electroplating systemsApr 18, 14Jun 13, 17Lam Research Corporation
9678035 Hydrocarbon gas sensorMay 12, 14Jun 13, 17NGK Insulators, Ltd.
9680102 Formation of conjugated polymers for solid-state devicesOct 10, 14Jun 13, 17The University of Connecticut
9669435 Metal container washing apparatusAug 18, 14Jun 06, 17THERMOS K.K., THERMOS L.L.C.,
9670585 Electrochemical coupling of a phenol to a naphtholDec 10, 13Jun 06, 17EVONIK DEGUSSA GMBH

Showing 1 to 20 of 6270 results