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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9573171 Electrochemical activation of waterJun 24, 16Feb 21, 17GENEON TECHNOLOGIES LLC
9574274 Partial oxidation of methane (POM) assisted solid oxide co-electrolysisApr 20, 15Feb 21, 17UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA
9574275 Methods of producing and providing purified gas using an electrochemical cellOct 05, 15Feb 21, 17NUVERA FUEL CELLS, LLC
9574276 Production of low temperature electrolytic hydrogenMay 12, 15Feb 21, 17UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA
9574277 Electrochemical water softening systemMar 12, 14Feb 21, 17HYDRONOVATION, INC.
9574278 Easily produced interconnecting module for a high-temperature water electrolysis deviceJun 12, 12Feb 21, 17COMMISSARIAT À L'ÉNERGIE ATOMIQUE ET AUX ÉNERGIES ALTERNATIVES
9574279 Modularized electrochemical cell systemNov 17, 14Feb 21, 17THE BOEING COMPANY
9574492 Portable hydrogen supplemental system and method for lowering particulate matter and other emissions in diesel engines at idleJun 12, 14Feb 21, 17HNO GREEN FUELS, INC.
9575387 Polymer stabilizing liquid crystal lens, method for manufacturing the same, display device and electronic productDec 17, 13Feb 21, 17BOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD
9577278 Hybrid membranes containing titanium dioxide doped with fluorineSep 29, 15Feb 21, 17BRETON SPA
9566574 Catalyst mixturesJun 30, 11Feb 14, 17DIOXIDE MATERIALS, INC.
9566576 Metal complex catalysts and uses thereofJul 31, 14Feb 14, 17THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS
9567674 Film deposition apparatus and film deposition methodJun 02, 10Feb 14, 17FUJITSU LIMITED
9567677 Electrochemical method of producing hydrogen peroxide using a titanium oxide nanotube catalystApr 07, 15Feb 14, 17KING SAUD UNIVERSITY
9567678 Methods and systems for carrying out a pH-influenced chemical and/or biological reactionOct 03, 14Feb 14, 17MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
9567679 Electrochemical cell having a cascade seal configuration and hydrogen reclamationFeb 27, 14Feb 14, 17NUVERA FUEL CELLS, INC., NUVERA FUEL CELLS, LLC,
9567680 Composite protective layer for photoelectrode structure, photoelectrode structure including the composite protective layer, and photoelectrochemical cell including photoelectrode structureDec 30, 13Feb 14, 17SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
9567681 Corrosion resistant and electrically conductive surface of metallic components for electrolyzersJun 28, 13Feb 14, 17TREADSTONE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9561476 Catalyst containing oxygen transport membraneNov 09, 12Feb 07, 17PRAXAIR TECHNOLOGY, INC.
9561984 Cation concentration increasing agent, modifying agent for concrete structure, method for manufacturing same, and method for repairing concrete structureMar 27, 14Feb 07, 17AES CO., LTD.

Showing 1 to 20 of 6152 results