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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9,512,525 Solid oxide fuel cell or solid oxide electrolyzing cell and method for operating such a cellJun 11, 13Dec 06, 16HTCERAMIX S.A.
9,512,526 Water oxidation catalyst including lithium cobalt germanateDec 19, 13Dec 06, 16TOYOTA MOTOR ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING NORTH AMERICA, INC.
9,513,264 Electronic control of pH and ionic strengthFeb 15, 13Dec 06, 16BIO-RAD LABORATORIES, INC.
9,504,961 Exhaust gas purification system and ozone generatorJan 30, 14Nov 29, 16HINO MOTORS, LTD.
9,505,630 Synthesis method for tuning shape, exposed crystal face and size of titanium dioxideJan 27, 14Nov 29, 16NATIONAL TSING HUA UNIVERSITY
9,506,156 Production of grapheneMar 08, 13Nov 29, 16THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER
9,506,157 Electrolysis cell and electrolysis tankMar 18, 13Nov 29, 16ASAHI KASEI KABUSHIKI KAISHA
9,509,026 Power station arrangement with high-temperature storage unitJun 19, 13Nov 29, 16SIEMENS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT
9,509,030 Power management system for a microbial fuel cell and microbial electrolysis cell coupled systemMar 19, 13Nov 29, 16Krishnan, Ajay
9,498,765 Hydrogen or oxygen electrochemical pumping catalytic membrane reactor and its applicationsNov 05, 10Nov 22, 16CUF-QUIMICOS INDUSTRIAIS S.A.
9,499,452 Water electrolysis gases used as primary fuel to combust materials as secondary fuelsOct 01, 14Nov 22, 16Not available
9,499,916 Molecular molybdenum persulfide and related catalysts for generating hydrogen from waterSep 21, 15Nov 22, 16The Regents of the University of California
9,499,917 Non-Faradaic electrochemical promotion of catalytic methane reforming for methanol productionNov 11, 13Nov 22, 16GAS TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE
9,502,729 Ion-conducting composite electrolyte comprising path-engineered particlesAug 29, 12Nov 22, 16CORNING INCORPORATED
9,493,880 Process and apparatus for precipitating cationic metal hydroxides and the recovery of sulfuric acid from acidic solutionsJan 20, 10Nov 15, 16AUSTRALIAN BIREFINING PTY LTD
9,493,881 Sulfate-based electrolysis processing with flexible feed control, and use to capture carbon dioxideMar 23, 12Nov 15, 16NEW SKY ENERGY, INC.
9,493,882 Custom ionic liquid electrolytes for electrolytic decarboxylationMar 12, 14Nov 15, 16CERAMATEC, INC.
9,493,883 Corrosion resistant and electrically conductive surface of metalMay 15, 15Nov 15, 16TREADSTONE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9,496,565 Architectures for electrochemical systemsFeb 06, 08Nov 15, 16ACUMENTRICS SOFC CORPORATION
9,486,771 Electrochemical carbon monoxide productionOct 14, 13Nov 08, 16PRAXAIR TECHNOLOGY, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 6080 results