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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9896772 Modular chemiresistive sensorMar 13, 15Feb 20, 18InnoSense LLC
9896776 Chemical and electrochemical synthesis and deposition of chalcogenides from room temperature ionic liquidsDec 15, 15Feb 20, 18BOARD OF REGENTS, THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM
9896771 Dehydrogenation deviceJan 27, 15Feb 20, 18Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
9896774 Electrolytic cell for the production of oxidising solutionsSep 15, 14Feb 20, 18Industrie De Nora S. p. A.
9890860 Seal between two elements having different coefficients of thermal expansionOct 18, 10Feb 13, 18Commissariat A L' Energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives; TECHNETICS GROUP FRANCE SAS;
9890064 Method for imparting filtering capability in electrolytic cell for wastewater treatmentNov 25, 13Feb 13, 18Axine Water Technologies Inc.
9890062 Electrolytic enrichment method for heavy waterJul 24, 14Feb 13, 18Industrie De Nora S. p. A.
9890053 Processes for preparing lithium carbonateJun 23, 16Feb 13, 18Nemaska Lithium Inc.
9889153 Highly stable electrolytic water with reduced NMR half line widthJul 19, 16Feb 13, 18APR Nanotechnologies s.a.
9885257 Flexibly operable power plant and method for the operation thereofJul 08, 14Feb 06, 18Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GMBH
9885119 Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical reduction of furfuralsFeb 12, 15Feb 06, 18Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
9885120 Apparatus and a method of generating bubbles and foamsJun 18, 13Feb 06, 18KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V.
9879352 Methods and systems for fuel production in electrochemical cells and reactorsApr 08, 15Jan 30, 18BATTELLE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE
9878926 Devices and methods for monitoring water flow through a chlorine-generating or other assemblyJan 16, 15Jan 30, 18ZODIAC POOL SYSTEMS, INC.
9879353 Electrochemical coupling of two phenols which differ in their oxidation potentialDec 10, 13Jan 30, 18EVONIK DEGUSSA GMBH
9873650 Method for efficient CO2 degasificationJul 07, 16Jan 23, 18X DEVELOPMENT LLC
9873951 High pressure electrochemical cell and process for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxideSep 16, 13Jan 23, 18AVANTIUM KNOWLEDGE CENTRE B.V., AVANTIUM HOLDING B.V.,
9876251 Layer cell, assembled battery including layer cell, and method for assembling layer cellNov 29, 12Jan 23, 18EXERGY POWER SYSTEMS, INC.
9873408 Device for refueling, exchanging, and charging power sources on remote controlled vehicles, UAVs, drones, or any type of robotic vehicle or machine with mobilityJun 27, 16Jan 23, 18Not available

Showing 1 to 20 of 6437 results