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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9,017,526 Ion beam etching systemJul 08, 13Apr 28, 15LAM RESEARCH CORPORATION
9,017,529 Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making itOct 14, 14Apr 28, 15GTA, INC.
9,017,535 High-frequency sputtering deviceMar 19, 10Apr 28, 15CANON ANELVA CORPORATION
9,017,538 Apparatus and method for brine separation and reuseOct 15, 12Apr 28, 15EXERGY TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION
9,017,639 Method for making grapheneJul 20, 12Apr 28, 15HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD., TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY,
9,011,650 Electrochemical systems and methods for operating an electrochemical cell with an acidic anolyteOct 07, 11Apr 21, 15CERAMATEC, INC.
9,011,651 Apparatus and method for the electrolysis of waterDec 09, 10Apr 21, 15UT-BATTELLE, LLC
9,011,654 Dummy substrate, and start method of, retention/modification method of deposition condition, and stop method of deposition apparatus using sameApr 16, 08Apr 21, 15ULVAC, INC.
9,011,655 Device for generating cold plasma in a vacuum chamber and use of said device for thermo-chemical processingFeb 01, 08Apr 21, 15H.E.F.
9,011,803 Systems for producing silaneDec 14, 12Apr 21, 15SUNEDISON, INC.
9,012,514 Emollients and cosmetic compositions based on specific branched hydrocarbonsFeb 23, 06Apr 21, 15COGNIS IP MANAGEMENT GMBH
9,005,187 Method and apparatus for improving local hypoxicity for enhanced therapyFeb 03, 10Apr 14, 15PURDUE RESEARCH FOUNDATION
9,005,346 Facilitated olefin transport membrane including aluminium saltNov 18, 13Apr 14, 15SANGMYUNG UNIVERSITY SEOUL INDUSTRY ACADEMY COOPERATION FOUNDATION
9,005,411 Electrochemical compression systemJan 11, 13Apr 14, 15XERGY INCORPORATED
9,005,412 ElectrolyzerAug 05, 13Apr 14, 15HYDRO GENES TRANS INC.
9,005,421 Silicides for photoelectrochemical water splitting and/or the production of electricityOct 14, 09Apr 14, 15H2 SOLAR GMBH
9,005,422 Electrochemical process for the preparation of nitrogen fertilizersOct 15, 10Apr 14, 15ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH CENTER FOUNDATION
9,005,839 Method for laminating composite sheet using release film, laminate obtained by the method, and release film for use in the methodJul 01, 11Apr 14, 15W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATES, CO., LTD.
9,005,846 Substrate made of porous metal or metal alloy, preparation method thereof, and HTE or SOFC cells with a metal support comprising this substrateNov 12, 09Apr 14, 15COMMISSARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE ET AUX ENERGIES ALTERNATIVES
9,006,124 Process for synthesis of doped titania nanoparticles having photocatalytic activity in sunlightApr 12, 13Apr 14, 15TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED

Showing 1 to 20 of 5651 results