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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
8,791,166 Producing methanol and its products exclusively from geothermal sources and their energyJul 10, 09Jul 29, 14UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
8,791,354 Photoelectrochemical cellMay 13, 05Jul 29, 14NISSAN MOTOR CO. LTD.
8,784,619 Hydrogen supplemental system for on-demand hydrogen generation for internal combustion enginesMar 15, 13Jul 22, 14HNO Green Fuels, Inc.
8,784,620 Method of operating a diaphragm electrolytic cellMay 10, 11Jul 22, 14AXIALL OHIO, INC.
8,784,622 System and method for dual-sided sputter etch of substratesDec 05, 08Jul 22, 14INTEVAC, INC.
8,783,145 Apparatus for stripping metal sheets from cathode blankDec 23, 10Jul 22, 14JIANGXI NERIN EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.
8,778,144 Method for manufacturing magnetron coated substrates and magnetron sputter sourceSep 28, 04Jul 15, 14OERLIKON ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES AG
8,778,148 Electrolysis cell for hydrogen chloride electrolysisMar 25, 09Jul 15, 14BAYER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY GMBH, BAYER MATERIALSCIENCE AG,
8,778,149 Separator for chlor-alkali electrolytic cells and method for its manufacturingAug 10, 12Jul 15, 14INDUSTRIE DE NORA S.P.A.
8,778,151 Plasma processing apparatusJun 14, 10Jul 15, 14CANON ANELVA CORPORATION
8,771,483 Combinatorial process systemFeb 07, 08Jul 08, 14INTERMOLECULAR, INC.
8,771,493 Liquid dielectrophoretic device and method for controllably transporting a liquid using the sameJul 08, 11Jul 08, 14NATIONAL CHIAO TUNG UNIVERSITY
8,771,497 Electrolyzer, electrodes used therefor, and electrolysis methodApr 17, 08Jul 08, 14MITSUI CHEMICALS, INC.
8,771,498 Electrochemical methods for making silicon nanopowder, silicon nanowires and silicon nanotubesMay 02, 11Jul 08, 14GENERAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR NONFERROUS METALS
8,770,143 Multi-region processing systemMay 12, 11Jul 08, 14INTERMOLECULAR, INC.
8,764,949 Prediction and compensation of erosion in a magnetron sputtering targetMay 20, 13Jul 01, 14APPLIED MATERIALS, INC.
8,764,952 Method for smoothing a solid surfaceSep 29, 04Jul 01, 14JAPAN AVIATION ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY, LIMITED
8,764,953 System and method for chemical potential energy productionAug 23, 12Jul 01, 14YEDA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CO. LTD.
8,764,963 ElectrodeNov 14, 08Jul 01, 14AKZO NOBEL N.V.
8,764,964 Electrochemical formation of hydroxide for enhancing carbon dioxide and acid gas uptake by a solutionDec 13, 11Jul 01, 14LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NATIONAL SECURITY, LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 5447 results