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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9,248,910 Airborne rigid kite with on-board power plant for ship propulsionFeb 12, 15Feb 02, 16GOOGLE INC.
9,249,517 Process for production of reduced glutathioneJun 02, 10Feb 02, 16KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD.
9,249,518 Power dispatch system for electrolytic production of hydrogen from wind powerMar 23, 12Feb 02, 16NEXT HYDROGEN CORPORATION
9,242,271 Chemical and electrochemical synthesis and deposition of chalcogenides from room temperature ionic liquidsSep 19, 12Jan 26, 16BOARD OF REGENTS, THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM
9,243,264 Production of methaneJul 29, 13Jan 26, 16FFGF LIMITED
9,243,335 Metal substrate for fuel cellsJul 06, 07Jan 26, 16Ceres Intellectual Property Company Limited
9,243,336 Process for the manufacture of contact strips for electrolyzersJan 30, 08Jan 26, 16Thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Italia) S.r.l.
9,243,337 Oxygen-consuming electrode with multilayer catalyst coating and process for the production thereofJun 13, 11Jan 26, 16COVESTRO DUETSCHLAND AG
9,238,871 Architecture of high temperature electrolyser, with high target production per electrolysis cell and limited cell degradation rateMar 11, 11Jan 19, 16COMMISSARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE ET AUX ENERGIES ALTERNATIVES
9,238,872 Method for synthesizing fluorine compound by electrolysis and electrode thereforJan 27, 12Jan 19, 16CENTRAL GLASS COMPANY, LIMITED
9,233,345 Anion transport membraneFeb 12, 14Jan 12, 16THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE LELAND STANFORD JUNIOR UNIVERSITY
9,234,285 Electrochemical processing of clathrate hydratesJan 13, 15Jan 12, 16BROWN UNIVERSITY
9,234,288 Conductor of high electrical current at high temperature in oxygen and liquid metal environmentAug 31, 12Jan 12, 16TRUSTEES OF BOSTON UNIVERSITY, INFINIUM, INC.,
9,234,861 Electrode for electrochemical measurement, electrolysis cell for electrochemical measurement, analyzer for electrochemical measurement, and methods for producing sameDec 06, 11Jan 12, 16HITACHI HIGH-TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION
9,236,598 Coated electrodesNov 12, 11Jan 12, 16Unger, Terence W.
9,227,858 Electrical purification apparatusNov 11, 11Jan 05, 16EVOQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD.
9,227,862 Process for sewage water purificationJul 03, 14Jan 05, 16Potable Water Systems Ltd.
9,228,267 Use of fluidized-bed electrode reactors for alane productionNov 07, 12Jan 05, 16ARDICA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9,231,267 Systems and methods for sustainable economic development through integrated full spectrum production of renewable energyAug 16, 10Jan 05, 16ADVANCED GREEN INNOVATIONS, LLC
9,221,687 Process for forming expanded hexagonal layered minerals and derivatives using electrochemical chargingNov 22, 12Dec 29, 15NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE

Showing 1 to 20 of 5862 results