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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9,322,103 Biosensor membrane composition, biosensor, and methods for making sameAug 05, 11Apr 26, 16MICROCHIPS BIOTECH, INC.
9,314,737 Dehumidifier and method for producing dehumidifierAug 24, 12Apr 19, 16KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.
9,315,397 Blue power generation systemDec 05, 13Apr 19, 16Not available
9,315,398 Apparatus and process for separation and selective recomposition of ionsMar 21, 14Apr 19, 16IONIC SOLUTIONS LTD.
9,315,907 Gas collection device and method for use thereofNov 14, 08Apr 19, 16Not available
9,315,908 Electrolytic cell for producing chlorine—sodium hydroxide and method of producing chlorine—sodium hydroxideOct 01, 10Apr 19, 16Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd., KANEKA CORPORATION, TOAGOSEI CO., LTD.,
9,315,909 Molecular molybdenum persulfide and related catalysts for generating hydrogen from waterFeb 23, 12Apr 19, 16THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
9,315,910 Methods and devices for the production of hydrocarbons from carbon and hydrogen sourcesAug 28, 12Apr 19, 16PRINCIPLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS, INC.
9,315,911 Electrolyzer apparatusMar 17, 11Apr 19, 16TAIKO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.
9,315,912 Carbon-supported metal sulphide catalyst for electrochemical oxygen reductionNov 05, 07Apr 19, 16INDUSTRIE DE NORA S.P.A.
9,315,913 Formic acid generation apparatus and methodSep 22, 14Apr 19, 16PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD.
9,309,599 Heterocycle catalyzed carbonylation and hydroformylation with carbon dioxideSep 19, 13Apr 12, 16LIQUID LIGHT, INC.
9,309,600 Bipolar-electrode electrolytic cellMar 13, 12Apr 12, 16Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
9,309,601 Electrochemical activation of waterOct 16, 13Apr 12, 16GenEon Technologies LLC
9,312,108 Sputtering apparatusApr 28, 14Apr 12, 16SPUTTERING COMPONENTS, INC.
9,302,216 Carbon dioxide gas fixation method and carbon dioxide gas fixation apparatusAug 30, 11Apr 05, 16IHI CORPORATION
9,302,219 Methods and systems for carrying out a pH-influenced chemical and/or biological reactionAug 29, 12Apr 05, 16MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
9,303,255 Electrode having enzyme crystals immobilized thereon, method for producing electrode having enzyme crystals immobilized thereon, and biological fuel cell and biosensor provided with electrode having enzyme crystals immobilized thereonAug 24, 11Apr 05, 16AISIN SEIKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA, RIKEN,
9,303,323 Extraction of carbon dioxide and hydrogen from seawater and hydrocarbon production therefromMar 15, 13Apr 05, 16The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
9,303,324 Electrochemical co-production of chemicals with sulfur-based reactant feeds to anodeDec 21, 12Apr 05, 16LIQUID LIGHT, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 5922 results