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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9945051 Color-encoding and in-situ interrogation of matrix-coupled chemical compoundsJan 28, 15Apr 17, 18Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
9915665 High-throughput system and method for identifying antibodies having specific antigen binding activitiesDec 27, 13Mar 13, 18ABBVIE INC.
9909120 Sieving nucleic acid samplesApr 07, 15Mar 06, 18BIOINVENTORS & ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK, LLC
9868986 Sieving and profiling nucleic acid samplesApr 19, 15Jan 16, 18BIOINVENTORS & ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK, LLC
9856529 Method for nucleotide detectionJun 03, 15Jan 02, 18ILLUMINA, INC.
9850531 Molecular code systemsMar 26, 13Dec 26, 17ETH ZURICH
9809904 Methods for retrieval of sequence-verified DNA constructsApr 23, 12Nov 07, 17UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
9791457 Biomarkers for hypertensive disorders of pregnancyNov 03, 15Oct 17, 17MYCARTIS NV
9746466 Integrated compound discovery systems and methodsDec 21, 12Aug 29, 17WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES, NanoMedica LLC,
9708659 Digital counting of individual molecules by stochastic attachment of diverse labelsNov 12, 14Jul 18, 17CELLULAR RESEARCH, INC.
9551682 High throughput biochemical detection using single molecule fingerprinting arraysJun 29, 12Jan 24, 17INTEL CORPORATION
9410148 Method for constructing libraries of non-standard peptide compounds comprising N-methyl amino acids and other special (non-standard) amino acids and method for searching and identifying active speciesSep 08, 11Aug 09, 16THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO
9365893 Methods of mapping polymorphisms and polymorphism microarraysMay 10, 06Jun 14, 16STATE OF OREGON ACTING BY AND THROUGH THE STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION ON BEHALF OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON
9315857 Digital counting of individual molecules by stochastic attachment of diverse label-tagsDec 15, 11Apr 19, 16CELLULAR RESEARCH, INC.
9290799 System and method for detecting biological materialsAug 20, 13Mar 22, 16INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE
9181634 Optically encoded particles through porosity variationDec 21, 04Nov 10, 15THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
9182408 Method of screening by using conformation sensitive peptidesSep 16, 05Nov 10, 15VALNEVA
9163283 Combinatorial decoding of random nucleic acid arraysSep 24, 13Oct 20, 15ILLUMINA, INC.
9163329 RNA labeling methodJan 19, 12Oct 20, 15AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9165110 Web-hosted engine for continuously improving the identification of safer products for administrationMar 12, 15Oct 20, 15Bio inventors & Entrepreneurs Network, LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 57 results