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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9988905 Solid-filling coal mining feeding and conveying monitoring systemJun 12, 15Jun 05, 18CHINA UNIVERSITY OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY
9976419 Apparatus for extracting ore from block caves and method and system thereforApr 07, 14May 22, 18Russell Mineral Equipment Ptd Ltd.
9970291 Fill fence system and method for installing sameOct 04, 17May 15, 18Sturda Inc.
9944140 Tow retrieval system for mining machineDec 11, 15Apr 17, 18Caterpillar Underground Mining Pty. Ltd.
9932177 Systems and methods for tensioning a conveyor in a mining systemApr 17, 17Apr 03, 18Joy MM Delaware, Inc.
9903203 Ventilated mine roof supportFeb 17, 17Feb 27, 18BURRELL MINING PRODUCTS, INC.
9903202 Shield for sumping frame of mining machineSep 28, 15Feb 27, 18JOY MM DELAWARE, INC.
9903510 Hanger for mounting cablesOct 27, 16Feb 27, 18COMMSCOPE TECHNOLOGIES LLC
9878276 Misting apparatus and dust suppression system employing the sameJul 25, 14Jan 30, 18FLINDERS PORTS PTY LIMITED
9873365 Transport machineSep 30, 14Jan 23, 18KOMATSU LTD.
9873567 Method and system for crop harvestApr 08, 14Jan 23, 18Not available
9869178 Method for efficiently treating spontaneous ignition of remaining coal in large area goaf of shallow-buried coal bedAug 11, 15Jan 16, 18CHINA UNIVERSITY OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY
9850073 Take-up mechanism for conveyor systemMar 29, 17Dec 26, 17JOY MM DELAWARE, INC.
9850747 Fissured substrata water pumping apparatus and methodJan 25, 16Dec 26, 17CHINA UNIVERSITY OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY
9828856 Conveyance machine and management systemSep 30, 14Nov 28, 17KOMATSU LTD., THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO,
9822640 Launch vehicle with a tilt deck for highwall miningSep 30, 15Nov 21, 17UGM ADDCAR SYSTEMS, LLC
9822641 Mine dewatering system and methodMay 04, 11Nov 21, 17WSP GLOBAL, INC.
9815071 Housing for a nozzleApr 20, 16Nov 14, 17DUST SOLUTIONS, INC.
9816584 Multijoint cable protection and guide deviceNov 23, 10Nov 14, 17HITACHI CABLE, LTD., TSUBAKIMOTO CHAIN CO.,
9810065 Controlling an output of a mining systemMay 29, 15Nov 07, 17JOY MM DELAWARE, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 520 results