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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47304 Nozzle arrangement and method of making the sameAug 31, 17Mar 19, 19Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
9995246 Thrust reverser for nacelle of aircraft turbofanDec 07, 16Jun 12, 18SAFRAN NACELLES
9995216 Disc turbine engineAug 28, 17Jun 12, 18Not available
9995247 Hybrid thrust reverser inner wall for aircraft enginesOct 06, 15Jun 12, 18Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.
9995174 Planetary gear system arrangement with auxiliary oil systemMar 23, 12Jun 12, 18United Technologies Corporation
9995181 Exhaust impingement coolingNov 30, 11Jun 12, 18Lockheed Martin Corporation
9995245 Variable immersion lobe mixer for turbofan jet engine exhaust and method of fabricating the sameApr 26, 13Jun 12, 18General Electric Company
9995219 Turbine engine wall having at least some cooling orifices that are pluggedMay 19, 15Jun 12, 18SNECMA
9989012 Vapor jetting device and spacecraftFeb 09, 15Jun 05, 18IHI Corporation
9989013 Rocket motors and their useJan 15, 14Jun 05, 18Advanced Reaction Motor Systems Limited
9989014 Premixed liquid propellant propulsion system and method with anti-flashback quenching liquid injectorMar 28, 14Jun 05, 18The Boeing Company
9989015 Launcher stage comprising a temporary support structure for temporarily supporting nozzle sections allowing access to the core of the engineApr 12, 13Jun 05, 18SNECMA
9987708 Automated weld repair of combustor linersMar 02, 15Jun 05, 18United Technologies Corporation
9989010 Thrust reverser for an aircraft engine, pod assembly and corresponding powerplantDec 04, 15Jun 05, 18Airbus Operations SAS
9988940 Latching actuation mechanism for nacelle mounted latching systemMar 11, 14Jun 05, 18United Technologies Corporation
9989009 Methods and apparatus for sealing variable area fan nozzles of jet enginesOct 31, 12Jun 05, 18The Boeing Company
9989011 Reverse flow single spool core gas turbine engineMar 05, 15Jun 05, 18United Technologies Corporation
9986310 Multi-stage sensing/control/identification device having protected communication and remote powerSep 02, 16May 29, 18United Technologies Corporation
9982631 Method and thermal reactor for single-valve propulsion with multiple injections and combustions per rotation cycleJun 05, 13May 29, 18Not available
9981757 Propulsion unit for reusable launch vehicleJul 04, 14May 29, 18AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE SAS

Showing 1 to 20 of 3921 results