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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE48356 Air cannon and associated launch canister for a line-fouling systemOct 02, 18Dec 15, 20BCB INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
RE46898 Polymer coatings for enhanced and field-repairable transparent armorMay 03, 17Jun 19, 18The Goverment of the United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
9995559 Anti-rocket systemNov 09, 15Jun 12, 18ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES LTD
9989679 Infrared transparent filmOct 02, 12Jun 05, 18Qinetiq Limited
9989335 Device with multiple selectable less-lethal optionsJun 15, 17Jun 05, 18Not available
9989013 Rocket motors and their useJan 15, 14Jun 05, 18Advanced Reaction Motor Systems Limited
9989333 Armor and vehicleNov 20, 14Jun 05, 18MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD.
9989334 System and method for identifying and tracking straight line targets and for detecting launch flashesOct 20, 15Jun 05, 18BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc.
9989336 Device for non-lethal immobilization of threatsFeb 17, 17Jun 05, 18Not available
9982969 Patrol vehicle and personal protection systemMar 28, 17May 29, 18Not available
9982736 Gradient nanoparticle-carbon allotrope polymer compositeSep 27, 13May 29, 18Greenhill AntiBallistics Corporation
9982967 Composite ballistic resistant laminateMay 12, 15May 29, 18E I du Pont de Nemours and Company
9982968 Violent intruder mitigation shieldDec 09, 16May 29, 18Not available
9980525 Low profile medical kitSep 12, 16May 29, 18Phokus Research Group, LLC
9977117 Systems and methods for detecting, tracking and identifying small unmanned systems such as dronesMay 17, 17May 22, 18XiDrone Systems, Inc.
9975814 Fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composite materials, method for producing the fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composite materials, and uses of the fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composite materialsAug 04, 14May 22, 18SGL CARBON SE
9976306 Wall support structures and systemsMar 31, 17May 22, 18AARON CARLSON CORPORATION
9971161 Device for electromagnetic wave cloakingMar 10, 13May 15, 18Hangzhou Zhejiang University Sensing Instruments Co., Ltd.
9970736 Female protective vestSep 23, 16May 15, 18TYR TACTICAL, LLC
9966750 Anti-ballistic passthroughsDec 06, 16May 08, 18TENCATE ADVANCED ARMOR USA, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 2357 results