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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9997271 Supramolecular networks with electron transfer in two dimensionsAug 30, 16Jun 12, 18Northwestern University
9995859 Conformal optical metasurfacesApr 12, 16Jun 12, 18California Institute of Technology
9995850 System, method and apparatus for polarization controlJun 04, 14Jun 12, 18KLA-TENCOR Corporation
9983051 Fastening structure for brittle-fracturable panel, and method for fastening light transmission window panel comprising brittle-fracturable panel employing sameApr 25, 14May 29, 18Fujikin Incorporated
9977160 Optical assembly for protection of optical devicesMay 07, 15May 22, 18GOOCH AND HOUSEGO PLC
9977149 Synthetic diamond optical elementsMar 04, 14May 22, 18Element Six Technologies Limited
9945991 Light-scattering sheet, electronic device comprising same, and method for producing sameSep 16, 14Apr 17, 18LG Chem Ltd.
9939565 Reflective element for fiber optic sensorMar 27, 15Apr 10, 18QUALITROL COMPANY, LLC
9933617 Mirror including polycrystalline diamond body for use with a motor, scanning systems including the same, and related methodsMay 18, 15Apr 03, 18US Synthetic Corporation
9924822 Spherical ornamentSep 02, 16Mar 27, 18Not available
9915756 Large area format sapphire windows via transient liquid phase bondingJul 28, 15Mar 13, 18RAYTHEON COMPANY
9910299 Crystal body, optical device having the same, and method of manufacturing crystal bodyOct 23, 14Mar 06, 18FUJIKURA LTD.
9909062 Light-emitting diode (LED) devices comprising nanocrystalsFeb 19, 15Mar 06, 18NANOSYS, INC.
9902802 Zinc sulfide coupling agentsDec 08, 14Feb 27, 18RAYTHEON COMPANY
9896370 Apparatus for heat treating an optical ceramic material, method for heat treating an optical ceramic material, method for heat treating synthetic silica glass, method for producing an optical system, and method for producing an exposure apparatusSep 03, 13Feb 20, 18NIKON CORPORATION
9851570 Beam shaping of high intensity high frequency optical outputMar 15, 17Dec 26, 17IPG PHOTONICS CORPORATION
9846312 Polarizing mask and manufacturing method utilizing the polarizing maskDec 31, 13Dec 19, 17LG CHEM, LTD.
9834468 Optical component made of quartz glass for use in ArF excimer laser lithography and method for producing the componentFeb 19, 14Dec 05, 17HERAEUS QUARZGLAS GMBH & CO. KG
9823465 Hybrid organic-inorganic micromirror device and method of making a hybrid microdeviceFeb 04, 16Nov 21, 17THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS
9778403 Quantum rod filmFeb 01, 16Oct 03, 17BENQ MATERIALS CORPORATION

Showing 1 to 20 of 117 results