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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9995953 Optical layered body, polarizer, method for producing polarizer, image display device, method for producing image display device, and method for improving visibility of image display deviceMay 21, 13Jun 12, 18Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd.
9994481 Method of making hydrophobic coated article, coated article including hydrophobic coatings, and/or sol compositions for use in the sameOct 02, 15Jun 12, 18Guardian Glass, LLC
9988303 Coating film-equipped glass substrate, and method for producing coating film-equipped glass substrateOct 20, 16Jun 05, 18ASAHI GLASS COMPANY LIMITED
9982156 Transmissive surfaces and polymeric coatings therefore, for fortification of visible, infrared, and laser optical devicesNov 21, 14May 29, 18Lockheed Martin Corporation
9976901 Ultra-narrow band-pass via etalon external to a long-wavelength infrared sensorAug 13, 15May 22, 18BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc.
9977166 PolarizerMay 08, 17May 22, 18LG Chem Ltd.
9977160 Optical assembly for protection of optical devicesMay 07, 15May 22, 18GOOCH AND HOUSEGO PLC
9971099 Grating coupler with high optical coupling efficiency for SMFSep 13, 17May 15, 18NEC Corporation; Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association (PETRA);
9971064 Optical film, image display device, and method for producing image display deviceNov 08, 12May 15, 18Nitto Denko Corporation
9971077 Multilayer structure and laminate structureFeb 27, 15May 15, 18FUJIFILM Corporation
9964668 Zoned optical waveplateApr 24, 17May 08, 18Lumentum Operations LLC
9964773 True three-dimensional volumetric imaging device and display deviceMar 17, 14May 08, 18BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd.
9958579 UV protective coating for lens assemblies having protective layer between light absorber and adhesiveSep 06, 13May 01, 18Corning Incorporated
9948839 Image sensor and image capture deviceJan 04, 16Apr 17, 18VisEra Technologies Company Limited
9944029 Process for producing optical materialFeb 18, 15Apr 17, 18MITSUI CHEMICALS, INC.
9945995 Optical filter and sensor systemApr 14, 16Apr 17, 18VIAVI Solutions Inc.
9931034 Optical coherence tomographyFeb 08, 17Apr 03, 18TOMEY CORPORATION
9924863 Optical coherence tomography systems integrated with surgical microscopesAug 25, 16Mar 27, 18Bioptigen, Inc.
9924081 Array lens moduleAug 01, 16Mar 20, 18AAC TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD.
9921349 Display deviceMar 01, 16Mar 20, 18SAMSUNG DISPLAY CO., LTD.

Showing 1 to 20 of 414 results