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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47907 Liquid crystal displayJul 07, 17Mar 17, 20Samsung Display Co., Ltd
RE47891 Emission device, surface light source device, display and light flux control memberMay 23, 16Mar 03, 20Enplas Corporation
RE47839 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the sameJul 27, 17Feb 04, 20LG Display Co., Ltd.
RE47780 Light-emitting apparatus, backlight unit, liquid crystal display apparatus, and illumination apparatusJul 17, 17Dec 24, 19Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
RE47725 Display apparatus and liquid crystal display deviceAug 26, 16Nov 12, 19CHENG MEI MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION
RE47698 Backlight module and display apparatus thereofJul 17, 16Nov 05, 19Wistron Corporation
RE47701 Display panel and method of manufacturing the sameSep 15, 16Nov 05, 19Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
RE47656 Optical assembly, backlight unit and display apparatus thereofJan 23, 15Oct 22, 19LG Electronics Inc.
RE47660 Liquid crystal displayJan 20, 16Oct 22, 19501 Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
RE47548 Waterproofing backing adhesive structureSep 29, 16Jul 30, 19Wistron Corporation
RE47541 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display including the sameDec 14, 15Jul 30, 19LG Electronics Inc.
RE47455 Liquid crystal displayJul 08, 16Jun 25, 19Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
RE47431 Liquid crystal display having a reduced number of data driving circuit chipsJun 14, 16Jun 11, 19Samsung Display Co., Ltd
RE47419 Liquid crystal display device and electronic equipment having the sameDec 08, 15Jun 04, 19Wistron Corporation
RE47371 Liquid crystal display deviceNov 04, 13Apr 30, 19Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
RE47306 Flat panel display including a glass windowJul 30, 15Mar 19, 19Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
RE47196 Liquid crystal panel assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the sameOct 06, 15Jan 08, 19Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
RE47179 Polarization device, method of manufacturing the same, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatusApr 04, 16Dec 25, 18SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION
RE47135 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display including the sameNov 07, 14Nov 20, 18LG Electronics Inc.
RE47117 Compensated in-plane switching mode liquid crystal displayApr 08, 15Nov 06, 18Crysoptix K.K.

Showing 1 to 20 of 46729 results