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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
6815127 Method of electronic processing of imagewise exposed photoconductive material imaging elementNov 15, 02Nov 09, 04EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
6673530 Method and apparatus for production of silver halide emulsionSep 30, 02Jan 06, 04FUJIFILM CORPORATION
6610467 Silver halide photographic emulsion and light-sensitive material containing the same, and image-forming method using the light-sensitive materialSep 17, 01Aug 26, 03FUJIFILM CORPORATION, FUJI PHOTO FILM CO., LTD.,
6605423 Method for preparing a silver halide photographic emulsionMar 27, 02Aug 12, 03EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
6562560 Process for treatment for high speed photographic materialsAug 16, 01May 13, 03EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
6171770 Method for applying a protective overcoat to a photographic elementNov 24, 99Jan 09, 01EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
5989797 Light-sensitive silver halide photographic materials comprising zeolitesOct 07, 98Nov 23, 99AGFA HEALTHCARE NV
5977190 Process for deionizing and concentrating emulsionsJan 14, 98Nov 02, 99EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
5955253 Silver iodide fine grain emulsion, lightsensitive silver halide emulsion including the same and silver halide photographic lightsensitive material containing the lightsensitive silver halide emulsionJul 09, 98Sep 21, 99FUJIFILM CORPORATION
5955254 Production of silver halide emulsionsNov 21, 97Sep 21, 99AGFA-GEVAERT AG
5753390 Method of preparing dispersions of photographically useful compoundsJul 17, 96May 19, 98AGFA NV
5665531 Method of gelation of photographic emulsions, oil in water emulsions, or gelatin solutions and unit thereforSep 22, 95Sep 09, 97FUJIFILM CORPORATION, FUJI PHOTO FILM CO., LTD.,
5641621 Process for preparation of silver halide emulsion employing a double heat-cycle during finishingJan 11, 96Jun 24, 97EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
5589322 Process for making a direct dispersion of a photographically useful materialDec 12, 95Dec 31, 96EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
5466570 Sonic micro reaction zones in silver halide emulsion precipitation processFeb 21, 95Nov 14, 95EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
5439788 Method of manufacturing silver halide emulsionApr 28, 94Aug 08, 95FUJIFILM CORPORATION
5338655 Method for manufacturing a silver halide emulsionSep 02, 92Aug 16, 94Konica Corporation
5270159 Process of producing silver halide grains and apparatus thereforDec 21, 89Dec 14, 93FUJI PHOTO FILM CO., LTD.
5182190 Method for obtaining a photographic coating compositionSep 14, 90Jan 26, 93EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
5045445 Continuous in-line preparation of photographic gelatin solutionsJun 29, 90Sep 03, 91STERLING DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, INC.