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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9989972 Systems and methods to prevent an aircraft from tail contact with the groundFeb 22, 16Jun 05, 18The Boeing Company
9983584 Method and apparatus for developing a flight pathNov 20, 14May 29, 18SPATIAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH LIMITED
9975648 Using radar derived location data in a GPS landing systemDec 04, 15May 22, 18The Boeing Company
9969486 Unmanned aerial vehicle heat sensor calibrationJun 21, 16May 15, 18Amazon Technologies Inc.
9969285 Methods and apparatus for reconfigurable power exchange for multiple UAV typesOct 05, 16May 15, 18Asylon, Inc.
9969492 Crop height estimation with unmanned aerial vehiclesSep 06, 16May 15, 18Nutech Ventures
9964960 Hover attitude trim for vehicleJun 17, 16May 08, 18Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
9963247 Method and system for automatic determination of an optimized descent and approach profile for an aircraftJun 07, 16May 08, 18Thales
9958874 Aircraft attitude control methodsMay 30, 14May 01, 18SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.
9947232 Methods and apparatus for identifying terrain suitable for aircraft landingDec 08, 15Apr 17, 18Honeywell International Inc.
9939819 System and methods for automatically landing aircraftDec 22, 16Apr 10, 18Auror Flight Sciences Corporation
9939818 Method and system for automatic autonomous landing of an aircraftJul 24, 15Apr 10, 18AIRBUS OPERATIONS S.A.S.
9937765 Method of adapting an automobile suspension in real-timeApr 28, 15Apr 10, 18Not available
9934694 Ground effect based surface sensing using multiple propellers in automated aerial vehiclesMay 26, 17Apr 03, 18Amazon Technologies Inc.
9933521 Aerial positioning systems and methodsNov 17, 14Apr 03, 18The Boeing Company
9927243 Method and system for adjusting the descent trajectory of an aircraftApr 20, 15Mar 27, 18Airbus Operations SAS
9922570 Aircraft navigation performance prediction systemFeb 17, 16Mar 20, 18GE AVIATION SYSTEMS LLC
9915953 Method and a device for aiding piloting of an aircraft during an approach phase for landingSep 10, 14Mar 13, 18AIRBUS OPERATIONS SAS
9915954 Rotorcraft control system, associated rotorcraft, and corresponding control methodMay 04, 16Mar 13, 18AIRBUS HELICOPTERS
9902490 Intentionally imbalancing propellers for performance and noise-shapingJul 24, 17Feb 27, 18AMAZON TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

Showing 1 to 20 of 280 results